Florian Secalli
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Oh gods, well done, I see I have engaged the right men for the job. Please pardon my cowardice, I am no warrior I'm afraid.

Florian Secalli is a well dressed, middle age man; a former goldsmith from Venza. His face bears the imprint of sorrow, the aftermath of the loss of his son, several servants, and a close friend to the depredations of the Golden Hound summoned by a cursed statue that Secalli acquired.

The Secalli country estate is outside Venza (2 hours into the country by carriage [10 miles]) and decorated in a rich man’s version of 'rustic'.

The Secalli Family
--plump wife
--Elsa Secalli, daughter
--older daughter
--Magatha (Adept 1), old servant w/one eye covered in cataracts famous for her Apple Knobbler (hard cider)
--Nate Bareen, 10 yr. old boy (adopted by Secalli, grandson of Davalan Bareen)

First appearance: Dunn Wright Inn; recruiting mercenaries to rid him of a cursed statue in Buyer's Remorse.

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