Etan Greenwing
Race/Species Pixie
Gender Male
Homeland near Lake Laguna

I'm a pixie, thank you buffoons very much! And it's not too hard to trick louts such as yourselves.

Etan Greenwing is a pixie from the woodlands near Lake Laguna. He was near when the Lady of the Lake was slain and he found the Lady's Heart, a large greenish stone of power, in the burnt trunk of the Lady's tree. Etan held the Heart for several years, hunted by the Harran and their minions, until he was able to pass it to Autumn Foxfire.

Etan traveled briefly with the group of Arradon Delgaran, Autumn Foxfire, Levanna, Rak'tan Veragni, and Zinnelis Laediril becoming especial friends with Levanna. When Autumn absorbed the power of the Heart and took on the mantle of Lady of the Lake Etan remained to guard Autumn and search for the Lady's last priest while the others returned to Venza.

Lady of Lake Laguna Memories of the Past

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