Anime Girl Brown Hair by Star Aurora

Emily. More or less. This is hard :/

Angel by vinegar-d13ebfq

Mother. Be glad she has her mouth shut :)

Basic InformationEdit

      Race: Aasimar
     Class: Summoner (Synthesist)
     Level: 1
Experience: 0 XP (1,300 TNL)
 Alignment: Chaotic Good
 Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven
     Deity: Cortessa
First Seen: The Dunn Wright Inn
  Location: The Ringling Affair
Background: Open


 Normal                 While Channeling Mother
STR: 07 -2 (-4 pts)                  STR: 16 +3
DEX: 14 +2 ( 5 pts)                  DEX: 12 +1
CON: 13 +1 ( 3 pts)                  CON: 13 +1
INT: 13 +1 ( 3 pts)                  INT: 13 +1
WIS: 09 -1 (-4 pts) +2 racial        WIS: 09 -1
CHA: 20 +5 (17 pts) +2 racial        CHA: 20 +5

Combat Statistics (Normal)Edit

(Max-2)       HP:  09 = 8 + CON (1) (Summoner)
              AC:  17 = 10 + DEX (2) + Armor (3) + Shield (2)
        AC Touch:  12 = 10 + DEX (2)
   AC Flatfooted:  15 = 10 + Armor (3) + Shield (2)
            INIT:  +2 = DEX (2)
             BAB:  +0 = Summoner (0)
             CMB:  -2 = BAB (0) + STR (-2)
             CMD:  10 = 10 + BAB (0) + STR (-2) + DEX (2)
       Fortitude:  +1 = Summoner (0) + CON (1)
          Reflex:  +2 = Summoner (0) + DEX (2)
            Will:  +1 = Summoner (2) + WIS (-1)
           Speed:  20' (30' base, but she's encumbered)
Damage Reduction:  None
Spell Resistance:  None
   Spell Failure:  15%

Combat Statistics (While Channeling Mother)Edit

(Max-2)  Real HP:  09 = 8 + CON (1) (Summoner)
(Max-2)  Temp HP:  11 = 10 + CON (1) (Eidolon)
              AC:  15 = 10 + DEX (1) + Natural (4)
        AC Touch:  11 = 10 + DEX (1)
   AC Flatfooted:  14 = 10 + Natural (4)
            INIT:  +1 = DEX (1)
             BAB:  +1 = Eidolon (1)
             CMB:  +4 = BAB (1) + STR (3)
             CMD:  15 = 10 + BAB (1) + STR (3) + DEX (1)
       Fortitude:  +1 = Summoner (0) + CON (1)
          Reflex:  +1 = Summoner (0) + DEX (1)
            Will:  +1 = Summoner (2) + WIS (-1)
           Speed:  30'
Damage Reduction:  1/evil
Spell Resistance:  None
   Spell Failure:  None

Weapon Statistics (Normal)Edit

None.  She has a dagger, but it's only for cutting meat, whittling, and so forth.

Weapon Statistics (While Channeling Mother)Edit

 Claws and Teeth
        Bite: Attack: +4 = BAB (1) + STR (3)
              Damage: 1d6+3, Crit: 20/x2
     2 Claws: Attack: +4 = BAB (1) + STR (3)
              Damage: 1d4+3, Crit: 20/x2

Racial FeaturesEdit

 Ability Adjustments: +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
                Size: Medium
               Speed: 30'
       Favored Class: Summoner (Eidolon gains 1 DR/evil)
Celestial Resistance: Resist 5 acid, cold, and electricity
             Skilled: +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Perception
  Spell-Like Ability: daylight 1/day
          Darkvision: darkvision 60'
   Scion of Humanity: Unlike most Aasimar, Emily has the humanoid (human) type
                      as well as the outsider (native) type, and can pass for
                      human without a Disguise check.  Replaces the Celestial

Stat Block Prototype (Normal)Edit

AC: 17 (12 touch, 15 flat-footed)
Fort: +1  Reflex: +2  Will: +1
 CMB: -2     CMD: +0

Hands (L/R): Wooden Shield/Empty

Concentration: +6
1st-level Spells: 3/3 (ASF 15%)
Summon Monster I: 8/8
        Daylight: 1/1

 Emily's HP: 9/9
Mother's HP: 11/11 (available for summoning)

Stat Block Prototype (Mother)Edit

AC: 15 (11 touch, 14 flat-footed)
Damage Reduction: 1/evil
Fort: +1  Reflex: +1  Will: +1
 CMB: +4     CMD: +5

Hands (L/R): Empty/Empty

Concentration: +6
1st-level Spells: 3/3
Summon Monster I: 8/8 (unusable)
        Daylight: 1/1

 Emily's HP: 9/9
Mother's HP: 11/11
  Note: If damage would reduce Mother's HP to 0, Emily can sacrifice her own HP as a free action to prevent some of that damage on a 1:1 basis.  She will always do so, preventing exactly enough damage to leave Mother at 1 HP, unless doing so would drive Emily below 1 HP.

Class FeaturesEdit

Summoner (Synthesist Archetype)

   Armor/Weapons ~ Light Armor Proficiency, Simple Weapons, 
                          Can cast in light armor without ASF
   Spell Casting ~ Spontaneous, arcane, charisma based caster
   Fused Eidolon ~ The synthesist summons the 
                   essence of a powerful outsider to meld with her own being.  
                   The eidolon appears around the synthesist so that the 
                   synthesist seems to be inside a [barely] translucent image
                   of her eidolon. 
                   The synthesist directs all of the eidolon’s actions while 
                   fused, perceives through its senses, and speaks through its 
                   voice, as the two are now one creature.  While fused, the 
                   synthesist uses the eidolon’s physical ability scores 
                   (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), but retains her own 
                   mental ability scores. The synthesist gains the eidolon’s 
                   hit points as temporary hit points.  When these hit points 
                   reach 0, the eidolon is sent back to its home plane.  
                   The synthesist uses the eidolon’s BAB, and gains the 
                   eidolon’s armor and natural armor bonuses and modifiers to 
                   ability scores.  The synthesist also gains access to the 
                   eidolon’s special abilities and the eidolon’s evolutions.
                   The synthesist is still limited to the eidolon’s maximum 
                   number of natural attacks.  The eidolon has no skills or 
                   feats of its own.
                   While fused, the synthesist counts as both her original type
                   and as an outsider for any effect related to type, whichever
                   is worse for the synthesist.  Spells such as banishment or 
                   dismissal work normally on the eidolon, but the synthesist
                   is unaffected.  Neither the synthesist nor her eidolon can
                   be targeted separately, as they are fused into one creature.
                   The synthesist and eidolon cannot take separate actions. 
                   While fused with her eidolon, the synthesist can use all of
                   her own abilities and gear. In all other cases, this ability
                   functions as the summoner’s normal eidolon ability 
                   (for example, the synthesist cannot use her summon monster
                   ability while the eidolon is present). This ability replaces
                   (*but still acts "as" such for feat qualification
                   [interpretation and judge vote])the class’s eidolon ability,
                   bond senses, and life bond.
      Fused Link ~ If the eidolon takes damage that brings it to zero
                   (which would return it to its plane) the summoner can, as a 
                   free action, sacrifice hit points to prevent an equal amount
                   of damage to the eidolon.
 Eidolon Healing ~ The temporary HP of the eidolon can only be healed with
                   spells that specifically heal eidolons such as Rejuvenate 
                   Eidolon. (FAQ clarification)
      Worn Armor ~ Worn armor does not function while fused, but need not
                   be removed before fusion. (FAQ clarification)
     Skilled Evo ~ The Skilled evolution affects the synthesist, giving her
                   the bonus.  The Ability Increase evolution does not affect
                   the synthesist's mental stats, it affects the eidolon's 
                   suppressed mental stats. (FAQ clarification)
      Sufficient ~ The eidolon must have sufficient limbs to accomplish tasks.
      Limbs        "Remember also that the summoner is wearing the eidolon like
                   a biological, all-encompassing "suit," and the eidolon's 
                   shape limits what the summoner can do.  If the eidolon 
                   doesn't have arms, the summoner can't use his own arms to 
                   manipulate objects, make attacks, cast somatic spells, or 
                   anything else requiring arms--while fused, the summoner's 
                   limbs are trapped within the armless eidolon-suit, and he 
                   isn't able to use them to manipulate things.  The summoner
                   isn't able to extend his own body parts outside of the 
                   eidolon-suit; if he wants to be able to manipulate things
                   with arms, the eidolon needs arms (though tentacles are
                   sufficient for simple tasks)." (FAQ clarification)

            Link ~ A summoner and his eidolon share a mental link allows for 
                   communication ...  This communication is a free action, 
                   allowing the summoner to give orders to her eidolon at any
                   time.  ...  The eidolon must possess the appropriate 
                   appendages to utilize a magic item.
        Summon   ~ Cast Summon Monster I 8 times per day as a standard action
       Monster I   SLA for a 1 minute duration.  This ability is only available
                   while *not* channeling Mother!


Base Form: Biped (1 hit die)

Evolutions (cost)
  Limbs(Arms)(0)       Bite (1)
  Limbs(Legs)(0)       Improved Natural Armor (1)
  Claws(0)             Skilled: Diplomacy (1)


Spell Focus Conjuration (level 1): +1 to DCs of Conjuration spells


Natural Peacemaker (Capable): +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy, Diplomacy is a
                              class skill
Natural Liar (Capable): +1 trait bonus to Bluff, Bluff is a class skill


Skill Points:  3 = [Base (2) + INT (1)/Level; FC (0), Misc (0)] (Summoner)

Values in []s indicate skill totals while channeling Mother.  In general, when channeling Mother Emily has *much* better strength, worse dex, and no armor check penalty.

Skills          Total   Rank  CS   Ability  ACP  Misc
Acrobatics      -4 [1]    0    0       2     -6   +0
Bluff           10        1    3       5          +1 (trait)
Climb           -8 [3]    0    0      -2     -6   +0
Diplomacy       12 [18]   1    3       5          +3 (+1 trait, +2 [+8] racial)
Disguise         5        0    0       5          +0
Escape Artist   -4 [1]    0    0       2     -6   +0
Handle Animal    9        1    3       5          +0
Heal            -1        0    0      -1          +0
Intimidate       5        0    0       5          +0
Perception       1        0    0      -1          +2 (racial)
Ride*           -4 [1]    0    0       2     -6   +0
Sense Motive    -1        0    0      -1          +0
Stealth         -4 [1]    0    0       2     -6   +0
Survival        -1        0    0      -1          +0
Swim            -8 [3]    0    0      -2     -6   +0

Spell Lists (Known)Edit

0 Level(At Will)      Level 1 (3/day)
* Daze (DC15)         * Grease (DC 17)
* Detect Magic        * Rejuvenate Eidolon, Lesser
* Guidance           
* Mage Hand

Concentration +6 = [CL(1) + Charisma(5)]


Equipment                        Cost     Weight
Explorer's Outfit                 --         --  lb
Studded Leather Armor             20    gp   20  lb
Heavy Wooden Shield                7    gp   10  lb
Dagger                             2    gp    1  lb

Backpack                           2    gp    2  lb
  Canteen                          5    gp    2  lb
  Bedroll                          0.1  gp    5  lb
  Soap                             0.01 gp    .5 lb
  Trail Rations, 4 days            2    gp    4  lb
  Antitoxins, 2                  100    gp    -- lb
                               ========     ======
                        Totals:  138.11 gp   44.5lb

            Light  Medium   Heavy    
Max Weight: 0-23   24-46    47-70

Consumed or Destroyed Items    
 (none yet)                       0 gp
                Total Consumed:   0 gp


PP:   0                                     Initial Character Money:   +150 gp
GP:  11                                   earned on first adventure:     +0 gp
SP:   8                                                            ==========
CP:   9                                             Career Earnings:    150 gp
                                                  Carried Inventory:    138.11 gp
                                        consumed or destroyed items:     -0 gp
Gems/Jewelry/Other:                           living accommodations:     -0 gp
0000                                                               ==========
                                                         Coinage:     11.89 gp


      Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
       Age: 15
    Height: 4' 9"
    Weight: 91 lbs (yes, her gear weighs almost half as much as she does)
Hair Color: Brown
 Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Ruddy
Appearance: Small, quick, and in constant motion (though she's weighed down
            somewhat by her pile of new adventuring gear).
  Demeanor: Very friendly and very curious, Emily relies on her native charm
            and wit to keep her out of trouble.  Well, that and the magic.


As related by her father, Nat Halten, owner of Nat's Wayhouse, The Gulls, Venza:

"She was bright, you  could see that right off.  Always getting in to things, always asking questions.  Nosy as anything, but she had a way of making you not mind so much.  She was good with peoples' horses, and the customers loved her.  Well, they still do mostly, but...

The magic came from her mother.  Yes, I'm sure.  The Haltens are common as mud, you can go back as far as you please.  Karla, could believe there was a little angel in her, back a ways.  Or a little devil, some nights, but she never meant any harm, any more than Em does.

It started small.  We were down in the cellar fetching up the special scotch, that good Gnomish stuff know, over the water?  Well, it doesn't matter.  We were down there and I dropped the lantern, 'cause I hit my head on...well, the point is it got real dark, real fast.  So I'm groping around trying to refill it and hoping like hell the lamp oil doesn't catch, when my little girl, she must've been about nine then, says "Don't worry daddy, I can fix it!"

And then she called the light, and then it came.  I've seen magic before, but from my own set me aback, it truly did.

No, nobody taught her, she just started doing it.  I asked her, she said it just felt right.  Later she started going through peoples' things, looking for spellbooks, she said.  She never found any, which I gather is for the best, and she only got caught the once, which --

Of course I did!  It was weeks before I let her back into the front room.  You should've heard her cry...though my regulars cried just as much, if I'm being honest.  But even the guy who caught her held no grudge; like I said, she could be real nosy, but still so cute about it that all you could do is laugh.  More t'the point, she didn't have any bad intent, she wasn't stealing or anything, she was just...what's the word?  She was looking for something, and she didn't know what it was.

Well, I could've dealt with that.  The Wayhouse is a good place to be, if you want to hear stories and talk to people.  But she kept looking around, kept calling around, and then one day something answered.

She says it's her Mother.  Not Karla, but her great-grandmother, or whoever, the one who come down from heaven and gave her the magic.  Could be that's true, I've never seen no angels, but I've seen the paintings and not one of them has teeth that look like that.  Nor fingernails neither.

It's not like she's possessed, she's still sweet as you like, but...well...I always figured Em'd end up running this place when I pass, her and some lucky fellow.  I can see that won't suit her, not at all.  She's...restless, that's the word I wanted before.  She wants to be out in the world, 'stead of hearing about it from folk while she rubs down their horses.  She wants more, even if she doesn't know what that means.

I don't know either, but I have an inkling.  Which is why I came to you folk.  I never had cause to wonder, but now I need to know.

How does a girl grow up to be an adventurer?"

Adventure LogEdit

The Ringling Affair

      XP Received: 551 XP = 201 EXP + (7 * 50 days) TXP
Treasure Received: 601 GP = 301 EGP + (6 * 50 days) TGP
   AWOL before finish

Level UpsEdit

  Level 2:
    Class: Class
      BAB: +0 to +0
     Fort: +0 to +0
      Ref: +0 to +0
     Will: +0 to +0
     Feat: Feat
 Features: Class Features
       HP: Max -2 or Link to IC Roll, +1 FC Bonus (If Chosen)
Skill Pts: +0 = +0 (Class) +0 (Race) +00 (Old Total) 
                +1 (FC Bonus if Chosen) = 00 (New Total)
Level 2 to Level 3 Next, and so on . . .


  • Approval (July 31st, 2013) (Satin Knights - judge) level 1
  • Approval (Aug 20, 2013) (Grayn - non-judge) level 1

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