Emiliana Forenicci
Titles Dame Forenicci
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Venza

If Benevolent had remembered his manners, he would have introduced me as Dame Emiliana Forenicci of the house Forenicci, but you can call me Emi, dear. Everyone does.

Dame Emiliana Forenicci is Venza's self-appointed social director, and her parties are always the talk of the town. Invitations to her balls practically define who's hot and who's not among the rich and famous. She's a tremendous gossip, and enjoys shamelessly flirting with men half her age. She's extremely personable in conversation.

However, Dame Forenicci has a mischeivous -- possibly even mean-spirited -- side. She enjoys watching conflicts play out, and she's more than willing to engineer one if there isn't one available to keep her entertained. The dame has little regard as to whether the wicked or the righteous ultimately succeed -- it's the struggle that interests her.

In the past, the Dame's party guests have included Umberto Gabbiano, Enza Furros, Geralt Franco, Benevolent Seeker, Cicci Boraga, and Abbandando Boraga, among many others.

First appearance: Hosting a party in Escort Service

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