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Eldandil Zelvetion

Basic InformationEdit

      Race: Elf
     Class: Wizard
     Level: 1
Experience: 0
 Alignment: Chaotic Good
 Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Draconic, Goblin,
            Orc, and Sylvan
     Deity: None
First Seen: URL to introduction appearance at DWI
  Location: URL-new-post.html to current game
Background: Open


STR: 07 -2 (-4 pts)
DEX: 14 +2 ( 2 pts) +2 Racial
CON: 12 +1 ( 5 pts) -2 Racial
INT: 20 +5 (17 pts) +2 Racial
WIS: 10 +0 ( 0 pts)
CHA: 10 +0 ( 0 pts)

Combat StatisticsEdit

(Max-2)       HP:   8 = [1d6 + CON (01) + FC (01)] Wizard 1
              AC:  12 = [10 + DEX (02) + Armor (00) + Natural (00) + Misc (00)]
        AC Touch:  12 = [10 + DEX (02) + Size (00) + Misc (00)]
   AC Flatfooted:  10 = [10 + Armor (00) + Natural (00) + Misc (00)]
            INIT: +08 = [DEX (02) + Misc (06)] (Reactionary & Familiar)
             BAB: +00 = [Wizard (0)]
             CMB: -02 = [BAB (00) + STR (-2) + Misc (00)]
             CMD:  10 = [10 + BAB (00) + STR (-2) + DEX (02) + Misc (00)]
       Fortitude: +01 = [Wizard (00) + Class 02 (00) + CON (01) + Misc (00)]
          Reflex: +02 = [Wizard (00) + Class 02 (00) + DEX (02) + Misc (00)]
            Will: +02 = [Wizard (02) + Class 02 (00) + WIS (00) + Misc (00)]
           Speed:  30'
Damage Reduction:  00/Any
Spell Resistance:  00
   Spell Failure:  00

Weapon StatisticsEdit

  Light Crossbow : Attack: +2 = [BAB (0) + Dex (2) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
                   Damage: 1d8+0, Crit: 19–20/×2, Range: 80 ft
      Acid Splash: Attack: +2 = [BAB (00) + Dex (2) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
(acid flask focus) Damage: 1d3+1, Crit: 20/x2, Range: 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels, 
                  Special: Targets touch, using acid flask focus gives +1 damage

Racial FeaturesEdit

Ability Adjustments: +2 (Int), +2 (Dex), -2 (Con)
               Size: Medium
              Speed: 30'
      Favored Class: Wizard (+1 HP, taken once)
   Elven Immunities: Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and gain 
                     a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment 
                     spells and effects.
        Elven Magic: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on caster level checks
                     made to overcome spell resistance. In addition, elves 
                     receive a +2 racial bonus on Spellcraft skill checks 
                     made to identify the properties of magic items.
   Low-Light Vision: Elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of 
                     dim light.
        Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
       Arcane Focus: Elves with this racial trait gain a +2 racial bonus
                     on concentration checks made to cast arcane spells
                     defensively. This replaces Weapon Familiarity.

Class FeaturesEdit


Armor/Weapons: Wizards are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armor or shield.

Spells: A wizard casts arcane spells drawn from the sorcerer/wizard spell list. A wizard must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time.

Arcane Bond:(Greensting scorpion) At 1st level, wizards form a powerful bond with an object or a creature. The chosen creature is a greensting scorpion.

Arcane School: (Conjuration, Teleportation) A wizard can choose to specialize in one school of magic, gaining additional spells and powers based on that school. In addition, specialist wizards receive an additional spell slot of each spell level he can cast, from 1st on up. Each day, a wizard can prepare a spell from his specialty school in that slot.

Summoner's Charm (Su):Whenever you cast a conjuration (summoning) spell, increase the duration by a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your wizard level (minimum 1). This increase is not doubled by Extend Spell. At 20th level, you can change the duration of all summon monster spells to permanent. You can have no more than one summon monster spell made permanent in this way at one time. If you designate another summon monster spell as permanent, the previous spell immediately ends.

Shift (Su): At 1st level, you can teleport to a nearby space as a swift action as if using dimension door. This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You must be able to see the space that you are moving into. You cannot take other creatures with you when you use this ability (except for familiars). You can move 5 feet for every two wizard levels you possess (minimum 5 feet). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Opposition Schools: (Enchantment, Necromancy) A wizard that chooses to specialize in one school of magic must select two other schools as his opposition schools, representing knowledge sacrificed in one area of arcane lore to gain mastery in another. A wizard who prepares spells from his opposition schools must use two spell slots of that level to prepare the spell.

Cantrips: Wizards can prepare a number of cantrips, or 0-level spells, each day, as noted on Table: Wizard under “Spells per Day.” These spells are cast like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again. A wizard can prepare a cantrip from an opposition school, but it uses up two of his available slots.

Spell Focus: (Conjuration) At first level wizards gain spell focus as a bonus feat.

Spellbooks: A wizard must study his spellbook each day to prepare his spells. He cannot prepare any spell not recorded in his spellbook, except for read magic, which all wizards can prepare from memory. </pre>


Spell Focus (Wizard bonus): (Conjuration) Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells from the school of Conjuration.

Augment Summoning (Level 1): Each creature you conjure with any summon spell gains a +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution for the duration of the spell that summoned it.


Reactionary: You were bullied often as a child, but never quite developed an offensive response. Instead, you became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly. Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Capable (Perception): Eldandil got very good senses quickly picking up things happening around him. He gains a +1 trait bonus to Perception and it becomes a permanent class skill.


  • Skills with a blank 'Total' may not be used untrained.
Skill Points: 07 = [Base (02) + INT (05)/Level; FC (00), Misc (00)] (Class 01)
              00 = [Base (00) + INT (00)/Level; FC (00), Misc (00)] (Class 02)

Skills                Total   Rank     CS   Ability  ACP  Misc
Acrobatics              02     0       0       2     -0   +0
Appraise                09     1       3       5          +0
Bluff                   00     0       0       0          +0
Climb                   -2     0       0      -2     -0   +0
Craft (       )         05     0       x       5          +0
Diplomacy               00     0       0       0          +0
Disable Device                 0       0       2     -0   +0
Disguise                00     0       0       0          +0
Escape Artist           02     0       0       2     -0   +0
Fly                     02     0       x       2     -0   +0
Handle Animal                  0       0       0          +0
Heal                    00     0       0       0          +0
Intimidate              00     0       0       0          +0
Knowledge (Arcana)      09     1       3       5          +0
Knowledge (Dngnrng)     09     1       3       5          +0
Knowledge (Engnrng)            0       x       5          +0
Knowledge (Geography)          0       x       5          +0
Knowledge (History)            0       x       5          +0
Knowledge (Local)              0       x       5          +0
Knowledge (Nature)      09     1       3       5          +0
Knowledge (Nobility)           0       x       5          +0
Knowledge (Planes)      09     1       3       5          +0
Knowledge (Religion)           0       x       5          +0
Linguistics                    0       x       5          +0
Perception              09     1       3       0          +5 (trait, elf racial, familiar)
Perform    (       )    00     0       0       0          +0
Profession (       )           0       x       0          +0
Ride                    02     0       0       2     -0   +0
Sense Motive            02     0       0       0          +2 (familiar)
Sleight of Hand                0       0       2     -0   +0
Spellcraft              09     1       3       5          +0
Stealth                 02     0       0       2     -0   +0
Survival                00     0       0       0          +0
Swim                    -2     0       0      -2     -0   +0
Use Magic Device               0       0       0          +0

Spell Lists (Known)Edit

0 Level:
Acid Splash
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Dancing Lights
Ray of Frost
Ghost Sound
Haunted Fey Aspect
Mage Hand
Arcane Mark

Level 01:
Summon Monster 1
Mage Armor
Ear-Piercing Scream
Color Spray
Silent Image
Enlarge Person

Spell Lists (Prepared)Edit

0 Level: (DC 15)
Detect Magic
Acid Splash
Dancing Lights

Level 01: (DC 16)
Color Spray
Enlarge Person
Summon Monster 1

* = +1 DC due to Spell Focus

Greensting Scorpion FamiliarEdit

  N Tiny vermin
  Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60', Perception +4
  AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 16 (+3 Dex, +4 natural, +2 size)
      hp 4 (1 HD)
      Fort +2, Ref +5,  Will +2
      immune to mind affecting effects
      Speed 30 ft.
      Melee. sting +3 (1d2-4 plus poison) 
      Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
      Str 3, Dex 16, Con 10, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 2
      Base Atk +0; CMB  +1; CMD 7 (+19 v. trip)
      Feats Weapon Finesse
      Skills Climb +7, Perception +4, Stealth + 15
      Sting--injury.  save Fort DC 10.  Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds;
                            effect sickened for one round; cure 1 save.
      Alertness (granted to master), Improved Evasion, Share spells, 
         Empathic link


Equipment                         Cost       Weight
Explorer's Outfit                 --         --  lb
Crossbow, light                   35    gp    4  lb
  Bolts (20)                       2    gp    2  lb
Pouch, Spell Component             5    gp    2  lb
Backpack                           2    gp    2  lb
Bedroll                             .1  gp    5  lb
Waterskin                          1    gp    4  lb
Fishhook                            .1  gp   --  lb
Chalk                              1    gp   --  lb
Whistle                             .8  gp   --  lb
Candle(2)                           .02 gp   --  lb
Acid (Flask)                      10    gp    1  lb
Flint and steel                    1    gp   --  lb
Sewing needle                       .5  gp   --  lb
Charcoal                            .5  gp   --  lb
Paper (2 sheet)                     .4  gp   --  lb
Sling                             --    gp   --  lb
Spellbook                         --    gp    3  lb
                               =========    ===== 
                Totals            59.42 gp   23  lb

            Light  Medium   Heavy    
Max Weight:  0-23  24-46    47-70 Light Encumbrance 


PP: 00
GP: 90
SP: 05
CP: 08



      Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
       Age: 120
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Black, blue tinted
 Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skin Color: Pale White
Appearance: A slender pale elf with a purple birthmark on his face. Not as pretty
            as normal for his race. Quite weak, though not frail of body and
            actually quite quick.
  Demeanor: A bit slumped shoulders. Seems lost in thought. Jumps quickly through
            conversations making it hard for people to keep up.


Eldandil Zelvetion is born deep within the Other World of the Fey. Pretty much all elves got a rank in their nobility. After all everyone are supposed to know their place. Eldandil belong to those who are simply called Numenda, the very lowest class of elves. Both his parents were failures; they were weak and had hard lives barely managing to earn a living by doing menial task for various low ranked houses. They found each other and their greatest happiness in life came from each other and from Eldandil. As such they spent a lot of time and effort to make sure that Eldandil should get decent tutoring and training despite having almost no connections. Unfortunately Eldandil was and still is quite weak of body. He could not keep up with physical tasks with the other children. He was not frail or slow, just could not produce much power. Eldandil got a huge purple birthmark on his face and his black hair and faical features do not hold the same luster as normal elves. The ugly looks and his weak body made him an easy target for bullying. He got bullied by the other students and even the trainers for martial training. This made him eventually quit martial training before completely learning to wield the traditional elvish weapons. The bullying did not stop with him quitting the martial arts training however. The students though it was funny to seek him out and use him as a punching bag. This constant threat heightened Eldandil’s senses to be constantly aware of danger. He also became very proficient in running away or moving his body quickly to get away from dangerous situations. His running away got to such a level that he probably could rival the elves who participated in competitions just for sports, though given that he was a Numenda, there was no way he could participate there.

The mental studies went way better than the physical studies though. There Eldandil had no problems keeping up. In fact he was the very best among the group of students he was in. Eventually he got taken in as an apprentice to the great Conjurer Calabriel Yulendor. The wizard did not care that the young elf did not have much strength of body. Who needs physical strength when your mental strength can just conjure up the creatures to perform whatever physical task you need to do or when you can just simply use the magic to move whatever needed moving. The conjurer taught Eldandil the ways of conjuration and teleportation magic. While it took Eldandil quite some time to actually get to the point where he would start learning magic due to his poor parents once he got there things sped away. At the age of 115 Eldandil entered Calabriel Yulendor’s training and at 120 he was already ready to travel of by himself to experience the world. There is only so much one can learn through sheer studying and eventually you got to experience things to progress. As such Eldandil decided to venture into the mortal world to get a feeling for the world. It did not hurt that if he managed to gather enough valor it would both raise his rank and reflect positively back on his parents.

Adventure LogEdit

[link=Twist Tree adventure here]

      XP Received: 0000
Treasure Received: 0000 GP
                   0000 Gems/Jewelry

Level UpsEdit

  Level 2:
    Class: Class
      BAB: +0 to +0
     Fort: +0 to +0
      Ref: +0 to +0
     Will: +0 to +0
     Feat: Feat
 Features: Class Features
       HP: Max -2 or Link to IC Roll, +1 FC Bonus (If Chosen)
Skill Pts: +0 = +0 (Class) +0 (Race) +00 (Old Total) 
                +1 (FC Bonus if Chosen) = 00 (New Total)
Level 2 to Level 3 Next, and so on . . .


  • Approval (Jan 10th, 2013) (Satin Knights - Judge) level 1
  • Approval (11 Jan 2013) (Systole ~ Not A Judge But Plays One On TV) level 1

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