Basic InformationEdit

      Race: Human
     Class: Inquisitor (favored)
Archetypes: Heretic & Preacher 
     Level: 10
Experience: 101,819 (TNL 105K)
 Alignment: Chaotic Good
 Languages: Common (Low Landellian), Old Landellian
     Deity: Issolatha
Background: Open


STR: 13 +1 (3 pts) 
DEX: 22 +6 (5 pts)*
CON: 10 +0 (0 pts) 
INT: 10 +0 (0 pts)
WIS: 18 +4 (10 pts)**
CHA: 12 +1 (2 pts)

* +2 racial, +1 lvl 4 & 8, +4 belt
** +2 headband

Current Location

Dunn Wright Inn

Combat StatisticsEdit

(Max -2)      HP:  75 = [10d8(62) +CON(0) +FC(3) + Tough(10)] (Inquisitor-9) 

              AC:  24 = [10 +6 DEX +7 Armor, +1 Amulet]
        AC Touch:  16 = [10 +6 DEX]
   AC Flatfooted:  18 = [10 +7 Armor +1 Amulet]

            INIT: +10 = [+6 DEX +4 WIS (Cunning Initiative)]
             BAB: +07 = [+7 Inquisitor]
             CMB: +08 = [+7 BAB +1 STR]
             CMD:  24 = [10 +7 BAB +1 STR +6 DEX ]

       Fortitude: +10 = [+7 Inquisitor +0 CON +3 Cloak]
          Reflex: +11 = [+3 Inquisitor +5 DEX +3 Cloak]
            Will: +14 = [+7 Inquisitor +4 WIS +3 Cloak] 

           Speed:  40' [+10' Base speed (Domain)]

Damage Reduction:  00/Any
Spell Resistance:  00

Weapon StatisticsEdit

+1 Seeking Comp. Longbow (Str +1)*: Attack: +15/+10 = [BAB (07/02) 
          + DEX (06) + Magic (01) + Bracers (01)] 
          negates miss percentage chances
          Damage: 1d8+2, Crit: 19-20/x3^, range 110'
Comp. Longbow (Str +1)*: Attack: +14/+09 = [BAB (07/02) + DEX (05)
          + Bracers (01)]
          Damage: 1d8+1, Crit: 19-20/x3^, range 110'
Cestus: Attack: +08/+03 = [BAB (07/02) + STR (01)]
          Damage: 1d4+1, Crit: 19-20/x2
Dagger: Attack: +08/+03 = [BAB (07/02) + STR (01)]
          Damage: 1d4+1, Crit: 19-20/x2
Dagger (thrown)*: Attack: +14/+09 = [BAB (07/02) + DEX (06) + Bracers (01)]
          Damage: 1d4+1, Crit: 19-20/x2, range 10'
Spear: Attack: +08/+03 = [BAB (07/02) + STR (01)]
          Damage: 1d8+1, Crit: x3
Spear (thrown)*: Attack: +14/+09 = [BAB (07/02) + DEX (06) + Bracers (01)] ]
          Damage: 1d8+1, Crit: x3, range 20'
Spiritual Weapon (Sbow): Attack: +11/+06 = [BAB (07/02) + WIS (04)]
          Damage: 1d8+2, Crit: 20/x3, range 170' Special: force / spell
All: +2 to hit / +2d6+2 damage when using Bane ability
* +1 to hit / damage within 30' (point blank shot), 
* Deadly Aim available (-2 attack, +4 damage)
^ Crit range increased via Bracer's of Falcon's Aim
Many Shot: 1st attack of Full attack uses 2 arrows for damage on a hit.

Racial FeaturesEdit

• Favored Class: Inquisitor (+3 HP, +1 Spell known (Wrath), 
                             +1 Spell known (Deadeye's Lore), 
                             +1 Spell known (Litany of Sloth),
                             +1 Spell known (Invisibility),
                             +1 Spell known (Resist Energy),
                             +1 Spell known (Ghostbane Dirge),
                             +1 Spell known (Halt Undead))
• Racial Abilities: +2 ability of choice (Dex)
• Skilled: +1 Skill Point / level
• Normal Speed: Base speed of 30 feet.
• Bonus Feat: At 1st level
• Languages: Any language available as bonus

Class FeaturesEdit

Inquisitor (Heretic & Preacher Archetypes)
• Weapon Proficiency: 
     * All simple weapons
     * Hand crossbow, Longbow, Repeating Crossbow, Shortbow 
     * Favored weapon of deity (shortbow)

• Armor Proficiency: Light & Medium armor, non-tower shields
• Judgement (Su): 4/day, invoke as a swift action            
          Additional judgement: Escape (Heretic Archetype)
• Second Judgement (Su): Use two Judgments at once when invoking Judgment

• Stern Gaze (Ex): Add 1/2 Inquisitor level (min 1) as morale bonus to 
Intimidate & Sense Motive checks

• Lore of Escape (Heretic archetype, replaces Monster Lore) (Ex): Add Wisdom 
bonus to Bluff and Stealth checks in addition to normal ability mod

• Hide Tracks (Heretic archetype) (Ex): -5 penalty for anyone trying to find 
or follow Eanos' tracks

• Cunning Initiative (Ex): Add Wis mod to initiative as well as Dex mod

• Detect Alignment (Sp): Detect chaos/evil/good/law (choose one) at will

• Track (Ex): + 1/2 Inquisitor level on Survival checks for tracking

• Determination (Ex) (Preacher Archetype)
(replaces solo tactics, bonus teamwork feats 3, 6, 9):
      Free action to do one of the following:

      Aggression: Reroll attack before results. Must take reroll.

      Defense: +4 insight to AC against attack that would hit; attack misses
               if it doesn't hit new AC.

      Warning: Opponent of line of sight ally must reroll a hit, taking 
               second roll result.

       Usable 1/day, +1/day for each bonus teamwork feat given up (4/day @ 9th)

• Domain: Travel (Trade subdomain). 
       Increased Base Speed:  +10' base 
       Silver Tongued Haggler (Su): 
             +1/2 level (min 1) to Bluff, Diplomacy, or Sense Motive checks. 
             7 (3 +4 Wis) times / day
             Free action
       Dimensional Hop (Sp): 
             Teleport 10'/ level each day (100' @ level 10)
             Move action with no AoO
             Must use in 5' increments
             Can take others by using matching teleport footage costs

• Spells: Spontaneous Divine Caster. Known: Orisons: 6, 1st: 8, 2nd: 8, 
                                                   3rd: 5, 4th: 2
• Bane (Su): Swift action level (10) rounds / day
• Discern Lies (Su): DC 18, as the spell, activate as immediate
action level (10) rounds /day


• Point Blank Shot (1st level): +1 to hit and damage ranged attacks at < 30'
• Precise Shot (Bonus Human): No penalty for firing into melee
• Deadly Aim (3rd level): -2 ranged attack for +4 ranged damage (@ +4 bab)
• Rapid Shot (5th level): 1 extra attack on full round @ -2 attack for all
• Toughness (7th level): +1 HP per HD
• Manyshot (9th level): First attack on full attack uses 2 arrows for damage on a hit.


• Suspicious (Social): +1 Sense Motive checks
• Armor Expert (Combat): Reduce ACP by 1


Skill Points: 70 = {+7 [+6 Base +1 Race]} x10  (Inquisitor level 10)

Skills                Total   Rank     CS   Ability  ACP  Misc
Acrobatics              04     0       0       4     -0   +0  
Appraise                00     0       0       0          +0
Bluff*                  18    10       3       1          +4 Lore of Escape
Climb                   01     0       0       1     -0   +0 
Diplomacy*              14    10       3       1          +0 
Disable Device                 0       0       5     -0   +0 
Disguise               05/15   1       3       1          +10 Ring
Escape Artist           05     0       0       5     -0   +0
Fly                     05     0       0       5     -0   +0
Handle Animal                  0       0       1          +0
Heal                    04     0       0       4          +0
Intimidate              19    10       3       1          +5 Stern Gaze
Knowledge (Arcana)      04     1       3       0          +0 
Knowledge (Dungeon)     04     1       3       0          +0
Knowledge (Nature)      04     1       3       0          +0  
Knowledge (Planes)      04     1       3       0          +0 
Knowledge (Religion)    04     1       3       0          +0
Linguistics                    0       0       0          +0
Perception              20    10       3       4          +3  Bracers 
Perform (   )           01     0       0       1          +0
Ride                    04     0       0       5     -0   +0
Sense Motive*           24    10       3       4          +7 Suspicious, 
                                                             Stern Gaze,
                                                             Ioun Stone
Sleight of Hand                0       0       5     -0   +0
Spellcraft              04     1       3       0          +0
Stealth                 32    10       3       5     -0   +14 Lore of Escape,
Survival                14     3       3       4          +5 Track
Swim                    01     0       0       1     -0   +0
Use Magic Device               0       0       1          +0

* Can be augmented with the Silver-Tongue Haggler ability (+1/2 level)

Spell Lists (Known)Edit

Concentration checks = +14 [Caster level (10) + WIS (04)]

  • DC 14
  • Usage: Unlimited
• Brand
• Create Water
• Detect Magic
• Disrupt Undead
• Guidance
• Light                      

  • DC 15
  • Usage: 6/day
• Deadeye's Lore (FC Bonus)
• Divine Favor
• Expeditious Retreat
• Lend Judgement
• Litany of Sloth (FC Bonus)
• Protection from Evil
• Shield of Faith
• Wrath (FC bonus)

  • DC 16
  • Usage: 5/day
• Bloodhound
• Flames of the Faithful
• Ghostbane Dirge (FC Bonus) 
• Invisibility (FC Bonus)
• Resist Energy (FC Bonus)
• Silence
• Spiritual Weapon
• Weapon of Awe

  • DC 17
  • Usage: 4/day
• Blessing of the Mole (note: does not stack w/ ioun)
• Dispel Magic
• Halt Undead (FC Bonus)
• Prayer 
• Invisibility Purge

  • DC 18
  • Usage: 2/day
• Death Ward
• Judgment Light

  • DC 19
  • Usage: 0/day

  • DC 20
  • Usage: 0/day

Magic Item SlotsEdit

Armor: +1 Mithral Breastplate
Belt: Dex +4
Eyes: Googles of Night
Feet: Slippers of Spider Climb
Headband: Wisdom +2
Neck: Necklace Natural Armor +1
Ring 1: Chameleon Power
Ring 2: 
Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +3
Wrist: Bracers of Falcon's Aim


Equipment                         Cost     Weight

+1 Comp Longbow +1 Str         8,500 gp    03  lb
Efficient Quiver               1,800 gp    02  lb**
  Arrow Compartment(60 items)
    Arrows (20)                   NT gp    03  lb
    Blunt Arrows (16)             02 gp    03  lb
    Cold Iron Arrows (19)         02 gp    03  lb  
  Javelin Compartment (18 items)
    Silver Blunt Arrows (16)      04 gp    03  lb
  Spear Compartment (6 items)
    Spear (3)                     06 gp    18  lb
    Comp Lngbow +1 Str           200 gp    03  lb
Silver Cestus                     25 gp    01  lb
Cold Iron Dagger                  04 gp    01  lb

Ioun Stones
  Cracked dk blue rhomboid       400 gp    00  lb
Bracers of Falcon's Aim         4000 gp    01  lb
Belt of Dex +4                 16000 gp    01  lb
Headband of Wis +2              4000 gp    01  lb

+1 Mithral Breastplate          5200 gp    15  lb
+1 Amulet of Nat Armor          2000 gp    00  lb
Cloak of Resistance +3          9000 gp    01  lb
Ring of Chameleon Power        12700 gp    00  lb
Slippers of Spider Climb        4800 gp   0.5  lb
Goggles of Night               12000 gp    00  lb

Explorer's Outfit                          00  lb
Component pouch                   05 gp    02  lb
Belt pouch                        NT gp   0.5  lb
Holy symbol, silver               25 gp    01  lb
CLW Wand  (18 charges)           750 gp    00  lb
MW Backpack                       50 gp    04  lb
  Rations x2                      NT gp    02  lb
  Flint and Steel                 NT gp    00  lb
  Waterskin                       NT gp    04  lb
  Scroll See Invis (2)           300 gp    00  lb
      Comprehend Languages x3     75 gp    00  lb
      Restoration, Lesser x2     300 gp    00  lb
  Antitoxin x2                   100 gp    00  lb
  Arrows (20)                     NT gp    03  lb
  Disguise Kit (9/10 cgs)         50 gp    08  lb
  CLW Wand (50 cgs)              750 gp    00  lb

Average Cost of Living           100 gp    00  lb
                                 Total Weight:  51  lb

** All items in quiver total 2 lb while in it.

              Light  Medium    Heavy 
Max Weight*:  0-58   59-116    117-175
* Str as +1 from MW Backpack

Consumables UsedEdit

Belt pouch: 1 gp
Rations x2: 1 gp                     
Flint and Steel: 01 gp
Waterskin: 01 gp
Arrows (40): 2 gp
Scroll Resist Energy 150 gp
Scroll Hide from Undead 25 gp
Cold Iron Arrows: 1
Silvered Blunt Arrows: 4
CLW Wand Charges: 23
(Will count gold value once the 20 of 20 used, or 50 of 50 charges)


PP: 7                         Initial starting as replacement:   3,000    gp
GP: 2                                   Roaming Dead earnings:   1,984.33 gp
SP: 05                                Precious Cargo earnings:   2,387.25 gp
CP: 08                                Ties That Bind earnings:  14,086    gp
                                    Elenore's Jewels earnings:   7,968    gp 
                                              4 DMC @ level 7:   6,360    gp
                                      Evil Unto Evil earnings:  48,616    gp 
                                               Total Earnings:  84,401.58 gp
                                        Consumed expenditures:    -181    gp
Gems/Jewelry/Other:                         Current Inventory: -83,148    gp
1,000 gp worth                                                ============
                                                 Coinage left:  1,072.58  gp


      Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
       Age: 22
    Height: 6'1" ft
    Weight: 200 lbs
Hair Color: Red
 Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Tan


Eanos grew up in a remote temple of Issolatha, trained by country priests in a variety of disciplines, alongside a rather sizable host of other orphans. He was a star pupil, excelling in the arts of stealth and in rooting out the stealthy. He was hardly surprised when, as he neared the age when he would be sworn to the brotherhood, he expressed genuinely divine gifts, spontaneously calling forth a magical shield during a sparring exercise.

The brothers, on the other hand, were rather stunned, since they deliberately kept trainees from divine magical training until they were ordained and their loyalty assured. You see, this wasn't an ordinary temple of Issolatha at all, but rather one corrupted and co-opted by the Ears of the Whisperer.

Before they could fully respond to this turn of events, however, Brother Setirav (Eanos’ trainer, mentor, and intended ‘handler’) escaped with the boy. It seems Eanos’ miracle had brought the aging assassin a change of heart. Unfortunately, the escape attempt brought him an arrow in the spleen.

Before he died, Setirav revealed the temple’s secret purpose to the youth. He was not, however, able to tell the young man the extent of the corruption. Stunned, frightened, and confused, Eanos wandered out into the world suddenly unsure of everything around him.

Emotionally scarred by his experiences, Eanos no longer trusts the church at all, taking it on himself to be a solitary representative of the Lady of Secrets. He does his best to root out lies and corruption, while simultaneously attempting to evade the notice of The Ears.

Aliases: Silar Tonfirt (used at the Venzan Bathhouse). 

Adventure LogEdit

Replacing third level retired character Saktouk Bekloric
      XP Received: 3300
Treasure Received: 3000 GP

First Appearance: The Dunn Wright Inn

Adventure: Roaming Dead

Undead rise in Venza, and the White Cloaks quickly enlist the aid of those adventurers at The Dunn Wright in a bid to destroy the shamblers in the streets and seal the crypts to keep more from rising.

 Encounter Experience: 903 XP
Time-Based Experience: 720 XP
Total XP: 1623
Treasure split: 1984.33 GP

Adventure: Precious Cargo

Phedilo Crea asks a small band of adventurers to escort a planarly-aligned magic stone to safety. An invisibly-cloaked summoner wants the stone for itself. It doesn't help that the stone itself--aligned to the plane of chaos--begins to express its nature by shifting the party briefly to its otherworldly home.

 Encounter Experience: 800 XP
Time-Based Experience: 981 XP
Total XP: 1781
Treasure split: cracked dark blue rhomboid ioun stone (400 gp), cracked pale 
ruby trillian ioun stone (200 gp), 1687.25 GP
Wand use 'payment' from Maui: 100 gp

Adventure: Ties that Bind

Phedilo Crea once again seeks aid in procuring a planar stone, located far to the south of Venza. His previous agent--whom the party discovers to be the long-lost brother of one of the party members--has failed to report in. There ensues a trek down the river and through the Tals in an effort to reclaim both the stone and the lost family member.

 Experience:   12,972 XP
       Gold:   13,936 gp

Treasure: Scroll of See Invisibility (+ carrying Fulgrim's) (300 gp total)
250 gp
500 gp
Party contributions CLW Wand purchase: 562.5 (ref, ref, ref)

Adventure: Elenore's Jewels: While shopping with Tyrien e’Adrianne (perrinmiller), Eanos and his companion were approached by the Lady Elenore, who tasked them with recovering her family jewels from spurned suitor Steven Blancher at the Venzan Bathhouse before Elenore's ex-husband, The General, might lay claim to them. There resulted much commotion while scantily clad, none of it of the recreational sort.

Experience: 8046 XP
Treasure: 7968 gp in loot and coin 

Bracer's of Falcon's Aim (4000 gp), 3968 gp

Adventure: Evil Unto Evil: Sugar Sweet and Rahor of Clan Gregga arrive in Venza representing rival "business" enterprises. They recruit Eanos, Tyrien e’Adrianne (perrinmiller), Kalgor (Satin Knights), and Heinrich Schreibersen (Scott DeWar) jointly, as it appears there is someone(s) in Gandling preying on both of their groups with the sanction of neither. Kalgor found the prospect of hunting humans distasteful and declined the commission.

Discovering necromantic magics and out-of-context sea water, the party, guided by Blind Harry begins its search by heading toward the graveyard. Along the way, they survive an ill-advised ambush by local upstart gang The Black Blades, which leaves all but one of the Blades dead on the streets. 

At the graveyard, the group discovers that the apparent source of the attack is the spirit of Don Faizal, former head of both Sweet's and Gregga's groups. Faizal's death, reportedly at the hand of one or both of his lieutenants (no one seems certain, including Faizal), created a schism in La Famiglia, leading to the formation of the competing Western Sea Syndicate and King's Crew.

Signs of undead presence at another murder site seem to confirm "the Don's" involvement, as well as indicating he or his agents / accomplices have the ability to perceive the invisible. On a hunch, the party heads down to the Old Quarter, where they discover a pair of fishermen cousins died on a mission of unknown purpose to a nearby reef the local fishing community usually avoids. With the help of Gemma Moressi, the party makes its way to the reef, where they discover powerful necromancy has, indeed, summoned undead. Heinrich determines that the spell was designed to erase some portion of the summoned soul's memory. Eanos discovers an expensive woman's earring, and recalls his enhanced senses picking up a recurring perfume fragrance at multiple locations, pointing to the involvement of a female presence.

Harry takes the party to Rudolf Wiste -- an "import specialist" and former member of La Famiglia who managed to stay neutral during the split -- as the most likely source of any expensive jewelry in Gandling. Rudy identifies the earring's maker's mark as coming from Johann & Sons, a Venzan jeweler the late Don Faizal preferred as a source for gifts to his mistresses. Perusing Wiste's private records suggests that the owner was Rosa Haal, one of the Don's especially favored, and an ambitious woman in her own right. 

Rosa, as it turns out, was both Gemma's goddaughter and mother to a rumored son of the late Don: Davel. Fearing for the young man, Gemma takes the party to his home as soon as they mention Rosa. There a ruse to extricate the young man achieves only partial success: the undead housed with him are destroyed, but Davel himself falls into an unresponsive shock, leaving the party once again trying to find where Rosa and / or the undead Don might be hiding. 

Gemma provides insights that send the group to elvish ruins outside town where, indeed, the undead Faizal and Rosa are camped with their reanimated forces. Tyrien runs afoul of a magical alarm and the Don's enhances senses while attempting to scout, and the party scrambles to undo the Don and Rosa's twisted scheme - and relationship - as a grand guignol ensues. 

Rosa enslaves the Don to her will when Eanos manages to convince him of the party's own conclusions: Rosa, not one of his lieutentants, killed the Don, and has raised him for her own power-hungry purposes. Needing to move into sight to properly control her ex-lover / minion, Rosa exposes herself to Heinrich's magics and Tyrien's deadly bow, and quickly meets her end.

Freed of Rosa's influence, the Don loses the madness which has thus far characterized his endeavors. He professes his continued love for Rosa as he embraces her body and slowly begins to fall back into the death from which she raised him. He expresses his gratitude to the party for freeing him by allowing them to each ask one question which his mastery of secrets might answer.  Eanos asks for the means of destroying the ruins from which Rosa collected her power, and the party does so to keep the opposing factions in Gandling from exploiting it.

Upon meeting their employers to make a final report and a plea for peace, the party hears both King and Cato reveal plots they have in place for finally eliminating their rivals (Cato's will actually bring Gandling under Venzan authority--with him as its head). Realizing there is little else the small band can do against the longstanding rivalry of two veritable armies, they merely warn Gemma -- who agrees to send Davel away for his own safety -- and the party leaves King's Crew and The Western Sea Syndicate to return to their previous brinksmanship. 

Experience: 28,933 encounter, 37,844 TBX (66,777 total)
Treasure: 22,275 encounter, 26,341 TBG (48,616 total) ref

DM Credits: 4 @ level 7

      XP Received: 7320 XP
Treasure Received: 6360 GP

Level UpsEdit

Level 10:
 Class: Inquisitor (favored +1 spell known)
      BAB: +6 to +7
     Fort: +6 to +7 
      Ref: +3 to +3 
     Will: +6 to +7
     Feats:  -1/+2 to total Deadly Aim adjustments (-3/+6 total)
     Features: +1 round / day Bane (10 total) (+2 to hit / +2d6 damage) 
               +1 round Discern Lies (10 total)
               +1 daily use Judgment (4 total) 
               +2 (1 level +1 WIS) 4th level spell / day
               +1 2nd level spell known: Flames of the Faithful
               +1 3rd level spell known: (FC Bonus) Halt Undead
               +2 4th level spells known: Judgment Light, Death Ward
               +1 Stern Gaze (even level)
               +1 Track (even level)
               +1 Silver Tongue bonus (even level)
               +10' Dimensional Hop (100' total)
       HP: +7 (Max -2 + Toughness) 
 Skill Pts: +7 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +63 (Old Total) = 70 (New Total)
 Ranks taken in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Intimidate, Perception, 
                 Sense Motive, Stealth 

 Level 9:

    Class: Inquisitor (favored +1 spell known)
      BAB: +6 to +6
     Fort: +6 to +6 
      Ref: +2 to +3 
     Will: +6 to +6
     Feat (9th): Manyshot
     Features: +1 round / day Bane (9 total) (+2 to hit / +2d6 damage) 
               +1 round Discern Lies (9 total)
               +1 use Determination (replaces teamwork feat) 
               +1 1st level spell / day
               +1 3nd level spell / day 
               +1 3rd level spell known: (Invisibility Purge)
               +1 2nd level spell known (FC bonus): (Ghostbane Dirge)
              +10' Dimensional Hop (90' total)
      HP: +7 (Max -2 + Toughness) 
 Skill Pts: +7 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +56 (Old Total) = 63 (New Total)
 Ranks taken in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Survival, Perception, 
                 Sense Motive, Stealth 

 Level 8 
   Class: Inquisitor (favored +1 spell known)
      BAB: +5 to +6/+1
     Fort: +5 to +6 
      Ref: +2 to +2 
     Will: +5 to +6
     Ability Increase (8th): +1 Dex
     Features: +1 round / day Bane (8 total) (+2 to hit / +2d6 damage) 
               +1 round Discern Lies (8 total)
               Second Judgment 
               +1 2nd level spell / day
               +1 3nd level spell / day 
               +1 3rd level spell known: (Blessing of the Mole - Stealth DOES NOT STACK with ioun stone)
               +1 2nd level spell known (FC bonus): (Resist Energy)
               +1 Stern Gaze (even level)
               +1 Track (even level)
               +1 Silver Tongue bonus (even level)
               Dimensional Hop 80': teleport in 5' increments as move action no                             AoO (domain ability)
        HP: +7 (Max -2 + Toughness) 
        Skill Pts: +7 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +49 (Old Total) = 56 (New Total)
        Ranks taken in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Survival, Perception, 
                 Sense Motive, Stealth 

 Level 7:
    Class: Inquisitor (favored +1 spell known) 
      BAB: +4 to +5 
     Fort: +5 to +5 
      Ref: +2 to +2 
     Will: +5 to +5 
     Features: +1 round / day Bane (7 total) (+2 to hit / +2d6 damage) 
               +1 3nd level spell / day 
               +1 1st level spell known: Expeditious Retreat
               +2 3rd level spells known: Dispel Magic, Prayer
               +1 2nd level spell known (FC bonus): Invisibility
               +1 Judgement / day                    
       HP: +6 (Max -2) +7 from Toughness
 Feat: Toughness 
 Skill Pts: +7 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +42 (Old Total) = 49 (New Total)
 Ranks taken in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Know (Religion), Perception, 
                 Sense Motive, Stealth 

 Level 6:
    Class: Inquisitor (favored +1 spell known)
      BAB: +3 to +4
     Fort: +4 to +5
      Ref: +1 to +2
     Will: +4 to +5
     Features: +1 round / day Bane (6 total) (+2 to hit / +2d6 damage)
               +1 2nd level spell / day 
               +1 2nd level spell known: Spiritual Weapon
               +1 1st level spell known (FC bonus): Litany of Sloth
               +1 Determination / day use (3/day total)
                    (archetype, replaced teamwork feat)
               +1 Silver toungued Haggler ability (archetype, even level)
               +1 Track bonus (Inquisitor, even level)
               +1 Stern Gaze bonus (Inqisitor, even level)
               Deadly Aim values now -2 to hit / +4 damage 
       HP: +6 (Max -2)
 Skill Pts: +7 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +35 (Old Total) = 42 (New Total)
 Ranks taken in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Know (Nature), Perception, 
                 Sense Motive, Stealth  

  Level 5:
    Class: Inquisitor (favored +1 spell known)
      BAB: +3 to +3
     Fort: +4 to +4
      Ref: +1 to +1
     Will: +4 to +4
     Feat (5th level): Rapid Shot
     Features: SLA Bane level(5) rounds/day
               SLA Discern Lies at will
               Spell Swap: Lose Expeditious Retreat, gain Lend Judgement
               +1 spell / day (1st and 2nd levels)
               +1 2nd level spell known: Bloodhound
               +1 1st level spell known (FC bonus): Deadeye's Lore
       HP: +6 (Max -2)
Skill Pts: +7 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +28 (Old Total) = 35 (New Total)
 Ranks taken in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Know (arcana), Perception, 
                 Sense Motive, Stealth  

  Level 4:
    Class: Inquisitor (favored +1 spell known)
      BAB: +2 to +3
     Fort: +3 to +4
      Ref: +1 to +1
     Will: +3 to +4
     Ability increase (4th): Dexterity
     Features: Judgement 2/day
               +2 spell / day (2nd level)
               +2 2nd level spells known: Silence, Weapon of Awe
               +1 1st level spell known (FC bonus): Wrath
       HP: +6 (Max -2)
Skill Pts: +0 = +6 (Class) +1 (Race) +21 (Old Total) = 28 (New Total)
 Ranks taken in: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Know (planes), Perception, 
                 Sense Motive, Stealth

NPCs EncounteredEdit


Tal Hallow

Warden's Watch



  • Galin Stonehelm: Another of the ubiquitous dwarven clan first encountered in Tal Hallow. Discovered at a shrine to the Other World of the fey. (ref)


  • Sugar Sweet: Halfling representative of the Western Sea Syndicate. Also: psychopath (ref)
  • Rahor of Clan Gregga: Jiragan Elf representative of King's Crew (ref)
  • B.H. Harson (Blind Harry): Blind human tasked with being guide for Eanos' party during Evil Unto Evil
  • Variona van Sart: Western Sea Syndicate financial personnel. Deceased (murdered).
  • Rupert Han: van Sart's bodyguard / boy toy. Deceased (murdered).
  • Mack Black: Leader of third-tier gang the Black Blades. Killed attacking Eanos and his party.
  • Cheesewight: Member of the defunct Black Blades. Only survivor of attempted ambush of Eanos et al. ref
  • Nom Raskey: Town gravedigger.
  • Alfonse Cato: Head of The Western Sea Syndicate. Rumored to have killed Don Faizal. Mentioned but not met.
  • Reginald King: Head of King's Crew. Rumored to have killed Don Faizal. Mentioned but not met.
  • Don Armando Faizal: Head of La Famiglia, the original gang which ran Gandling. Murdered by Rosa Haal in a fit of rage, though rumors that the killer was Cato or King split the gang between them in the resulting power struggle. Raised by Rosa as part of a further play for power. Died a second time when Rosa perished. (ref)
  • Lady Enosi: Sea witch a day's boat ride from Gandling. Mentioned but not met. (ref)
  • 'Thumbs' Stonewalker: Male, dwarven member of King's Crew (murdered) ref
  • Dorosh: Human male member of King's Crew (murdered). Apparently incurred (and twice avoided) Sugar Sweet's wrath before falling victim to the undead slayer in Gandling. ref
  • Titus van Andrei: Human male, member of King's Crew (murdered) ref
  • Gemma Moressi: Fishwife of some influence in the Old Quarter. Godmother to Rosa Haalref
  • Daug and Walder: Human fishermen cousins. Killed by Rosa and the Don after Rosa raised her undead former lover. ref
  • Rudolf Wiste: Human "import specialist." Former member of La Famiglia who remained neutral after the split. Harbors animosity toward Blind Harry for un-revealed reasons. ref
  • Rosa Haal: Former mistress of Don Faizal. From fishing village, with aspirations to much greater. Goddaughter of Gemma Moressi. Killed in battle with Eanos et al. ref
  • Davel: Son of the late Don Faizal and Rosa Haal. A simple-minded young man who makes his living making fishing nets, and wanted nothing to do with his father or mother's criminal enterprises. ref
  • Father Mackavoy: Primary cleric of Gandling. Also a lush. ref


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  • Approval (Nov 8, 2012) (Satin Knights) level 5
  • Approval (Feb 1, 2013) (Satin Knights) level 6
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