Basic InformationEdit

Some dude
      Race: Human
     Class: Alchemist
 Archetype: Grenadier
     Level: 1
Experience: 417 XP
 Alignment: Neutral Good
 Languages: Common, Ship Rat (Pirate), Goblin, Gnomish
     Deity: Cortessa
First Seen: The Dunn Wright Inn
Background: Open


STR:  14 +2 (05 pts)
DEX:  16 +3 (05 pts) +2 Racial
CON:  13 +1 (03 pts)
INT:  14 +2 (05 pts)
WIS:  10 +0 (00 pts)
CHA:  12 +1 (02 pts)

Combat StatisticsEdit

Max -2        HP:   9 = [1d8 + CON (1) + FC (0)] (Alchemist 1)
              AC:  15 = [10 + DEX (3) + Armor (2) + Shield (0) + Natural (0) 
                          + Size (0) + Misc (0)]
        AC Touch:  13 = [10 + DEX (3) + Size (0)  + Misc (0)]
   AC Flatfooted:  12 = [10 + Armor (2) + Shield (0) + Natural (0)  
                          + Size (0) + Misc (0)]
            INIT:  +3 = [DEX (3) + Misc (0)]
             BAB:  +0 = [Alchemist (0)]
             CMB:  +2 = [BAB (0) + STR (2) + Misc (0)]
             CMD:  14 = [10 + BAB (0) + STR (1) + DEX (3) + Misc (0)]
       Fortitude:  +3 = [Alchemist (2) + CON (1) + Misc (0)]
          Reflex:  +5 = [Alchemist (2) + DEX (3) + Misc (0)]
            Will:  +0 = [Alchemist (0) + WIS (0) + Misc (0)]
         vs Fear:  +2 = [Alchemist (0) + WIS (0) + Misc (2)] (Courageous)
           Speed:  30'
Damage Reduction:  00/Any
Spell Resistance:  00
   Spell Failure:  05%

Weapon StatisticsEdit

 Light Crossbow: Attack: +3  = [BAB (0) + DEX (3) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
                 Damage: 1d8+0, Crit: 19-20/x2, Range: 80 feet, Ammo: 30/30
                 Ammo Damage Type: Piercing
                 Special: +1 To-Hit and DMG within 30-feet. (Point-Blank Shot)
        Cutlass: Attack: +2  = [BAB (0) + STR (2) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
                 Damage: 1d6+2, Crit: 18-20/x2, Damage Type: Slashing
Punching Dagger: Attack: +2  = [BAB (0) + STR (2) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
                 Damage: 1d4+2, Crit: 20/x3, Damage Type: Piercing
  Alchemy Bombs: Attack: +3  = [BAB (0) + DEX (3) + Misc (0) + Magic (0)]
                 Damage: 1d6+2, Crit: 20/x2, Range: 20 feet, Ammo: 3/day
                   Splash Damage: 3(Min. Damage) - DC 13(Reflex) for half.
                 Special: Standard Action to create & throw. Provokes AoO.
                          +1 To-Hit and DMG within 30-feet. (Point-Blank Shot)
                          Ranged Touch Attack

Racial FeaturesEdit

Ability Adjustments: +2 Dexterity
               Size: Medium
              Speed: 30'
      Favored Class: Alchemist (+1 Skill)
Human Heritage(Dex): Humans get a +2 bonus on one ability score of their choice
                     at creation, to represent their varied nature.
         Bonus Feat: Humans may choose a bonus feat at 1st level.
   Heart of the Sea: Humans born near the sea are always drawn to it. They gain
                     a +2 racial bonus on Profession (sailor) and Swim checks,
                     and these are always class skills for them. They can hold
                     their breath twice as long as normal, and spellcasters
                     gain a +4 racial bonus on concentration checks when
                     attempting to cast spells underwater. (This racial trait
                     replaces the Skilled racial trait.)
     Base Languages: Common
    Bonus Languages: Goblin, Gnome-ish
  Regional Language: Ship Rat (Aka, Pirate)

Class FeaturesEdit

Alchemist (Grenadier)

      Armor/Weapons: Alchemists are proficient with all simple weapons and
                     bombs.  They are also proficient with light armor, but not
                     with shields.

       Alchemy (Su): An Alchemist can create three special types of magical
                     items:  Extracts, bombs, and mutagens. When using Craft
                     (alchemy) to create an alchemical item, they gain
                     competence bonus on the Craft (alchemy) check equal to
                     their class level. In addition, an Alchemist can use Craft
                     (alchemy) to identify potions as if using detect magic.
                     He must hold the potion for one round to make the check.

                     An Alchemist can create only a certain number of extracts
                     per day based on his level. In addition he receives bonus
                     extracts per day if he has a high Intelligence score. An
                     extract immediately becomes inert if it leaves the
                     alchemist's possession, reactivating as soon as it
                     returns to his keeping. Once created an extract is potent
                     for 1 day. Although the alchemist doesn't actually cast
                     spells, he does have a formulae list that determines what
                     extracts he can create. An extract is cast by drinking it.
                     The effect duplicates the spell upon which the formula is
                     based, save the spell always affects only the drinking
                     alchemist. The alchemist uses his level as the caster
                     level. Creating extracts consumes raw materials, but the
                     cost of these materials is insignificant - comparable to
                     the valueless material components of most spells. If a
                     spell normally has a costly material component, that
                     component is expended during the consumption of that
                     particular extracts. Extracts cannot be made from spells
                     that have focus requirements.

                     An alchemist may know any number of formulae. He stores
                     his formulae in a special tome called a formula book. He
                     must refer to this book whenever he prepares an extract
                     but not when he consumes it. An alchemist can prepare an
                     extract of any formula he knows. To learn or use an 
                     extract, an alchemist must have an Intelligence score
                     equal to at least 10 + extract level. The DC for saving
                     against an alchemist's extract is 10 + the extra level +
                     the alchemist's Intelligence modifier.

                     An alchemist can also add formulae to his book just like
                     a wizard adds spells to his spellbook, using the same
                     costs and time requirements. An alchemist can study a
                     wizard's spellbook to learn any formula that is equivalent
                     to a spell the spellbook contains. A wizard, however,
                     cannot learn spells from a formula book. An alchemist does
                     not need to decipher arcane writings before copying them.

          Bomb (Su): An alchemist can use a number of bombs each day equal to
                     his class level + his intelligence modifier. Bombs are
                     unstable, and if not used in the round they are created,
                     they degrade and become inert. In order to create a bomb,
                     the alchemist must use a small vial containing an ounce
                     of liquid catalyst that can be supplied from an alchemy
                     lab. These supplies can be readily refilled in the same
                     manner as a spellcaster's component pouch. Once created,
                     a catalyst vial remains usable by the alchemist for years.

                     Creating and throwing a bomb requires a standard action
                     that provokes an attack of opportunity. Thrown bombs have
                     a range of 20 feet and use the Throw Splash weapons
                     special attack. Bombs can be selected using feats such
                     as Point-Black Shot and Weapon Focus. On a direct hit an
                     alchemist does xd6 + additional damage equal to the 
                     Alchemist's Intelligence Modifier (where xd6 is equal to
                     1/2 the alchemist's level rounded up). On a critical hit,
                     only the first 1d6 is multiplied. Splash damage is always
                     equal to the bomb's minimum damage. Those caught in the
                     splash can attempt a reflex for 1/2 damage at a DC of
                     10 + 1/2 the alchemist's level + the alchemist's 
                     Intelligence modifier.

                     Alchemists can learn new types of bombs as discoveries. An
                     alchemist's bomb, like an extract, becomes inert if used
                     or carried by anyone else.

 Weapon Proficiency: At 1st level, a grenadier picks one martial weapon to
                     become proficient in the use of. This ability replaces 
                     Brew Potion Extra Bombs.

       Mutagen (Su): It takes 1 hour to brew a dose of mutagen, once brewed it
                     remains potent until used. An alchemist can only maintain
                     one dose at a time. As with an extract or bomb, a mutagen
                     not in an alchemist's possession becomes inert until an
                     alchemist picks it back up again.

                     When a mutagen is brewed, an alchemist selects a physical
                     score. As a standard action, the alchemist can imbibe the
                     mutagen and gain +2 natural armor and +4 alchemical bonus
                     to the selected ability for 10 minutes per alchemist
                     level. In addition, while the mutagen is active the
                     alchemist takes a -2 to one of his mental scores. +STR
                     for -INT. +DEX for -WIS. +CON for -CHA.

                     A non-alchemist who drinks a mutagen must make a Fortitude
                     save at 10 + 1/2 the alchemists level + the alchemist's
                     intelligence modifier or become nauseated for 1 hour. A
                     non-alchemist can never gain the benefit of a mutagen.

Throw Anything (Ex): The alchemist does not suffer any penalties for using
                     improvised ranged weapons. An alchemist adds his
                     Intelligence modifier to damage done with splash weapons,
                     including splash damage if any. This bonus damage is
                     already included in bombs.


Armor Proficiency (Light): When you wear light armor, the armor check penalty for
             (class auto)  that armor only applies to Dexterity- and Strength-
                           based checks.

       Weapon Proficiency: At 1st level, a grenadier picks one martial weapon to
         (archetype auto)  become proficient in the use of. This ability replaces
                           Brew Potion Extra Bombs.

      Throw Anything (Ex): The alchemist does not suffer any penalties for using
             (class auto)  improvised ranged weapons. An alchemist adds his
                           Intelligence modifier to damage done with splash
                           weapons, including splash damage if any. This bonus
                           damage is already included in bombs.

 Point-Blank Shot (human): +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged
                           weapons at ranges up to 30 feet.

       Precise Shot (1st): You can shoot or throw ranged weapons at an opponent
                           engaged in melee without taking the standard -4
                           penalty on your attack roll.


        Courageous (Combat): You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against 
                             fear effects.

Stealthy Escape (Equipment): You are adept at escaping from confinement in an 
                             unobtrusive manner. When trying to escape manacles, 
                             rope or other similar restraints (but not grappled), 
                             you may make a Sleight of Hand check. If you free 
                             yourself, you gain a +2 trait bonus on Bluff checks 
                             to pretend you're still bound.


Skill Points: 07 = [Base (4) + INT (2)/Level; FC (1), Misc (0)] (Alchemist 1)

Skills                Total   Rank     CS   Ability  ACP  Misc
Acrobatics              +3     0       0       3     -0   +0
Appraise                +2     0       *       2          +0
Bluff                   +1/+3  0       0       1          +0 (+2 after Escaping)
Climb                   +2     0       0       2     -0   +0
Craft (Alchemy)         +7     1       3       2          +1 (Class Bonus)
Diplomacy               +1     0       0       1          +0
Disable Device          +7     1       3       3     -0   +0
Disguise                +1     0       0       1          +0
Escape Artist           +3     0       0       3     -0   +0
Fly                     +3     0       *       3     -0   +0
Handle Animal                  0       0       1          +0
Heal                     0     0       *       0          +0
Intimidate              +1     0       0       1          +0
Knowledge (Arcana)      +6     1       3       2          +0
Knowledge (Dngnrng)            0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (Engnrng)            0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (Geography)          0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (History)            0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (Local)              0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (Nature)             0       *       2          +0
Knowledge (Nobility)           0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (Planes)             0       0       2          +0
Knowledge (Religion)           0       0       2          +0
Linguistics                    0       0       2          +0
Perception              +4     1       3       0          +0
Perform    (       )    +1     0       0       1          +0
Profession (sailor)     +6     1       3       0          +2 (Trait Bonus)
Ride                    +3     0       0       3     -0   +0
Sense Motive             0     0       0       0          +0
Sleight of Hand         +7     1       3       3     -0   +0
Spellcraft                     0       *       2          +0
Stealth                 +3     0       0       3     -0   +0
Survival                +4     1       3       0          +0
Swim                    +4     0       *       2     -0   +2 (Trait Bonus)
Use Magic Device               0       *       2          +0

* = Class skills that are untrained so far.

Formulae Lists (Known)Edit

Level 01                   Level 02
* Comprehend Languages     * None Yet
* True Strike              * None Yet
* Bomber's Eye
* Disguise Self

Formulas PreparedEdit

*1 Mutagen (+2 Natural AC, +4 DEX, -2 WIS, lasts 10 min/100 rnds)
*3 Bomb Catalysts (See Weapons for Details)

Level 01                   Level 02
* Bomber's Eye             * None Yet
* True Strike              * None Yet


(Totally ganking Satin Knights' idea)

Equipment                          Cost            Weight
Explorer's Outfit                 FREE!          --    lb
Long coat instead of cloak from^  --    gp       --    lb
Lamellar Cuirass armor            15    gp        8    lb
Light Crossbow                    35    gp        4    lb
  Crossbow Bolts (30)              3    gp        3    lb
Cutlass                           15    gp        4    lb
Punching Dagger                    2    gp        1    lb

Backpack (1 cu. ft./60 lb.)        2    gp        2    lb
  Alchemist's Kit                 25    gp        5    lb
  Fishhook (5)                     0.5  gp       --    lb
  Rope, Hemp (50 ft)               1    gp       10    lb
  Traveling (Spell)Formula Book   10    gp        1    lb
  Inkpen                           0.1  gp       --    lb
  Rations, Trail (7)               3.5  gp        7    lb
  Bedroll                          0.1  gp        5    lb
  Sewing Needle                    0.5  gp       --    lb
  Waterskin                        1    gp        4    lb
                  (backpack only)                34    lbs

Pouch, belt  (0.5 cu. ft./10 lb.)  1    gp        0.5  lb
  Flint & Steel                    1    gp       --    lb
  Vial (05)                        5    gp       --    lb
  Chalk (4)                        0.04 gp       --    lb
  Thieves' tools                  30    gp        1    lb
                     (pouch only)                 1.5  lbs
          Total Inventory (gp):  149.74 gp
                             Body Weight:        20    lbs
                         Backpack Weight:        34    lbs
                            Pouch Weight:        01.5  lbs
                            Total Weight:        55.5  lbs
                       Light  Medium   Heavy    
           Max Weight: 0-58   59-116  117-175


(This one, too, from Satin Knight)

PP:   2                             Initial Character Creation:      150    gp
GP:   448                                         Wreck Ashore:      469    gp
SP:   1  
CP:   8
                                               Career Earnings:      619    gp
                               Services, Consumed or Destroyed:       -0.08 gp
                                             Carried Inventory:      150.74 gp
                                                       Coinage:      468.18 gp

Checkbook Accounting ExperimentEdit

(And this one)

Treasure  Current   Equip   Equip      Date             
Received   Gold     Cost   Consumed  Purchased Partial   Item
####.##   ####.##  ####.##  ####.##  10/10/2012 ##/##
 150       150                        Initial            Character Creation
           150        -               Initial            Explorer Clothes sans
           150        -               Initial            Long Coat
           135       15               Initial            Lamellar Cuirass
           100       35               Initial            Light Crossbow
            97       03               Initial   30/30    Crossbow Bolts (30) 
                                                           + quiver
            82       15               Initial            Cutlass 
            80       02               Initial            Punching Dagger
            78       02               Initial            Backpack
            53       25               Initial            Alchemist's Kit
            43       10               Initial            Traveling (Spell)Formula
            42.5     00.5             Initial    5/5     Fishhook (5)
            41.5     01               Initial            Rope, Hemp (50 ft)
            41.4     00.1             Initial            Inkpen
            38.9     02.5             Initial    5/5     Rations, Trail (5)
            37.9     01               Initial            Waterskin (1)
            37.8     00.1             Initial            Bedroll
            37.3     00.5             Initial            Sewing Needle 
            36.3     01               Initial            Pouch, Belt
            35.3     01               Initial            Flint & Steel
            30.3     05               Initial    5/5     Vials (5)
            30.26    00.04            Initial    4/4     Chalk (4)
            00.26    30               Initial            Thieves' Tools
            00.18             00.08  10/13/2012          ALE!
  30.00     30.18                    11/04/2012          Wreck Ashore Starting
            29.18     1              11/04/2012          Rations, Trail (2)
Received   Gold     Cost   Consumed
 180.00     29.18   150.74    00.08
First column lists positive values for money earned, and negative 
  values for money spent on services or non-asset expenditures.
  Both positive and negative values for GP or services spent are
  used to adjust the running tally of column two. 
  Equipment received is recorded in column one as a positive value
  and column three as a positive asset.  It does not affect column
  two which is current gold.

Second column is a running tally of how much money the character has.

Third column is the cost of equipment (assets) that are purchased.
  A negative value in this column would be equipment sold back.  
  A strikeout is an asset that was later consumed and should have 
  a corresponding entry in column four later at the time it was 
 @ Party assets that were assigned as held and then used by another
  party member instead (therefore comes out of their share of adventure
  end loot) can also be listed as a negative entry.

Fourth column is assets or equipment that were consumed or destroyed.
  Adding an entry to column four does not affect the running total of 
  column two.  

A total of the positive numbers in column one should equal the adventure
log total for gold earned.

The last line of column two should be the current amount of coins
the character is carrying.

A total of column three excluding the strikeouts should equal the current
  inventory of equipment the character has.  A total of the strikeouts in
  column three should equal the total of column four.

For items purchased in a group, when all n of n have been consumed, an
entry is made for the group in column four.  This avoids continual 


      Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
       Age: 20
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 180 lb
Hair Color: Brown
 Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Fair

Appearance: Dyre stands at about 6 foot, looking trim with only a few days worth
            of stubble. His cheekbones are well defined, though his cheeks are
            slightly sunken. His nose is narrow, coming to a sharper point than
            most and his chin follows similar features. His hair, when not covered
            by the wide-brimmed hat, looks unkempt. A bit of cloth is tied about
            his neck, ready to pull up over his nose in case of dust on the open

            Instead of a cloak, Dyre opted for a long coat that resides over the
            lamellar armor. A belt pouch is attached at his right hip, hanging a
            bit low but still secured. Below the pouch, and a bit more to the
            front, on his right hip is a quiver of crossbow bolts. His left hip
            holds a sheathed cutlass, the pommel looking fairly non-nondescript
            besides an etched pirate-like skull. The coat has a number of small
            pockets on it that vials have been inserted into so they can be close
            at hand. Leather breeches protect his legs and the bottoms of them
            have been tucked into, then folded over, a pair of sturdy boots. The
            boots secure with wooden toggles on the outside of his legs.

            On his back he wears a backpack which has a bedroll strapped to the
            top of it, a waterskin hanging off one side, and rope hanging off the
            other side. It looks to hold the majority of his equipment and also
            has a few vials on the outside for easy access. Slung over his right
            shoulder is a light crossbow.

  Demeanor: Adventure is out there, the hard part is finding the path. He's always
            looking for more adventures to go on. He's quick to laugh and always
            seems to be in the mood for a bit of fun, whether that's a prank or
            just hijinks. A smile seems more common to him than any other emotion.
            He's not against following others on adventure, but he's not too
            inclined to follow someone who either, A) Can't take a joke; or
            B) Doesn't keep the betterment of society in mind.


You thought your childhood was rough? Hah! Okay, you win. Seriously, I had a good one. I mean, really, how many kids get to grow up playing pirate? Okay, now how many of them really got to play pirate? I did! Yes, I'm the son of that Blackreef. The pirate. Well, kind of pirate. I guess he's technically a privateer. Pirate sounds better though. So, while most kids spent their time licking an Ioun stone or some-such, I was out sailing. Well, that and playing with my alchemy set. I believe dad's words were...

No self-respectin' farther be raisin' 'is whelp ta fallo 'n' 'is footsteps as a pie rat!"

There may have been an 'arr'. Perhaps when I asked for his favorite letter. But anyway! This is about me, not my dad. Well, I guess it is a bit about him. Since he was who I followed around for the better part of eighteen years. It was only for the last two that he kicked me off the boat and told me to find a different "yob r perfessin, arr"(He took a right-hook the day before and his lip was still pretty swollen; sidenote: well, first, that's a bit redundant but - the arr was because he bit his tongue after he said that).

Wait, where was I? ...right! Dad biting his tongue. So he told me to head off and I found myself in the employ of an Alchemist. Not really all that big of a surprise, been studying the stuff for going on six years at that point. Reading all sorts of books on it, or just on the arcane. There was even a couple of people on good ol' Captain Blackreef's crew that knew a thing or two about Alchemy. Explosives were fun and all, but it's not all there is to it. I was still pretty inexperienced, so I needed some refining. I'm not ashamed to admit it! No one is perfect.

Hey, you know what's even more fun than Alchemy? Not a whole lot. It was a rhetorical question. Of course it might have something to do with it being my, now, chosen profession. No matter! Alchemy! So I studied with a mentor, Erik the Butcher. His dad was the butcher, Erik was an Alchemist. Erik was well into his thirties when I started to learn from him, and by thirties I mean thirty past fifty (That was his joke, not mine). So after a couple years learning from him, well... Erik decided to stop teaching. Permanently. As in retire. Take a nap. Swim with the fishes. Live at his cottage down by the lake. In the ground. So I was again out of a place to stay.

Erik's tutelage was no longer an option and yes I did try staying at his cottage. Figured maybe I could learn more from the books he had. First he made groaning noises at me, then lurched about. Finally he kicked me out, then he cackled and pulled out a bomb. I thought it best to run before he threw it. He did look a little sickly... So then I tried to talk to dad, but he chased me off the ship yelling something about finding my own path. So, guess I'll go to the local tavern and talk about times being tough.

Adventure LogEdit

Wreck Ashore

      XP Received: 417 XP  last posting Nov 30th, 2012
Treasure Received: 469 GP

Level UpsEdit

  Level 2:
    Class: Class
      BAB: +0 to +0
     Fort: +0 to +0
      Ref: +0 to +0
     Will: +0 to +0
     Feat: Feat
 Features: Class Features
       HP: Max -2 or Link to IC Roll, +1 FC Bonus (If Chosen)
Skill Pts: +0 = +0 (Class) +0 (Race) +0 (Old Total) +1 (FC Bonus if Chosen)
              = 00 (New Total)


  • Approval (Oct 13th, 2012) (Satin Knights) Level 1
  • Approval (October 14th, 2012) (DalkonCledwin) Level 1

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