Darvin Hurella
Darvin Hurella
Titles Researcher
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Expert (some Fighter)
Gender Male
Homeland Venza

NPC usage: Open for GMs

Whet your whistle, it's on me.

Darvin Hurella is a young (late 20’s) and native Venzan researcher with a somewhat shady feel to him. Although he is genuinely a historian of the Golden Age, he also has an interest in dark and macabre powers, particularly vampirism. Overtly friendly, Darvin avoids lying outright about his goals, but is not above withholding information. He is sometimes seen with his brother-in-law Jericho (a straight-laced, ex-army veteran), acting as his bodyguard. He is married to Jericho's sister.

First Appearance:

  • The Haven: He invites a group of adventurers to share in the spoils of an intact, pre-Golden Age, survival shelter. The agreement is they get magic items and wealth while he gets books and historical documents. While there is riches to be had, the group senses he is after the secrets of vampirism contained in the Manual of Nosferatu, so they give the texts to the Church of Helerion without mentioning their existence to him.1.

Speech color: Yellow

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