Danae Golthia
Danae Golthia
Titles Notary Public
Race/Species Human
Gender Female
Homeland Unknown
Organization Kostry Kopec, local government
Familiar Kantowitz (pot-bellied pig)

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Kantowitz is my familiar, miss. He cannot speak to any save me without the proper spell. Though, really, I suspect it's best that way. He's quite the chatterbox.

A dark-skinned, plump, older woman, Danae Golthia serves as Notary to Verrick Yrehgg in the city of Kostry Kopec. She is also a witch, accompanied by her familiar, a pot-bellied pig by the name of Kantowitz. She often uses her prehensile hair to control the spirited animal.

While she presents a stern demeanor, and often appears to be put upon in serving her duties as Notary, nevertheless Golthia remained with the city during the recent horrors which nearly returned long-forgotten gods of the Dark Tapestry to the world. Though she arrived too late to lend aid, she even assembled what Crows remained in the city to attend the final battle against the otherworldly spawn.

What brought Golthia to Kostry Kopec, or just what obligations or passions continue to tie Golthia to the hill city rising from Heth's swamps remain unknown. Her demeanor makes her difficult to question, and so her mysteries may likely remain her own for quite some time.

First appearance: Kostry Kopec, serving to notarize a trade contract for PC's in order to procure their aid for the city.

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