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Titles The Bright Lady,

The Serene

Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio patron of Venza, protection, sun, family
Worshipers Venzans
Cleric Alignments
Domains Community, Good, Nobility, Protection, Sun
Favored Weapon Longsword

Cortesia is the patron goddess of Venza and is much concerned with the protection and security of her people. She is the mother of the Twins, Sapo and Farino, the gods of knowledge and crafts, and wife to Dessano. She is a proud and (somewhat) loving mother always ready to defend her holdings and her young.


The Schism: Worship of Cortesia/Cortessa was originally made to a single goddess and old images of the goddess Cortesia are shown with two faces. A schism within the temple has resulted in the rise of Cortessa’s temples and the destruction of many of the old two-faced icons. Rivalry between the two sects is intense and sometimes boils over into violence though the peace-keepers of the city are keeping a close watch on the two groups to ensure this happens rarely.


Several local saints make up Cortesia's court charged with protecting various segments of the Venzan populace. One of these, popular amongst fishermen, sailors, and others working on the seas, is Saint Ulthar.

Appearance and EmissariesEdit

Church of CortesiaEdit

Worshipers and ClergyEdit

  • Anna Kallira - The newest priestess in the church, Anna is blind and has a strange healing talent allowing her to heal much more effectively than others of comparable experience, albeit only in extended rituals. She undertook a difficult journey to Tritower designed to encourage personal growth (she began her career wholly dependent on others).1. She was later present in Tritower, providing aid to the refugees outside Tritower during the Demon's Scream, where her powers were stretched to the limit and she suffered from Ghoul Fever.2. Naturally kind and compassionate, she has matured considerably since her introduction, but is still not above being led around by normally sighted individuals.
  • Anton Torelli - The head guard. Years of experience and training have honed him into an observational and fighting machine. First appears hiring adventurers to escore Priestess Anna to Tritower.1. Later independently hires adventurers to save Tritower from the demon Xathan during the Demon's Scream.2.
  • Galin Barron - A younger temple guard. He is young (19) and married. Not particularly well trained (Warrior.) Was originally slated to travel to Tritower, but was relieved of that duty upon hiring of more adventurers.1.
  • Anzaldo Gheirano - A 50 year old mule driving veteran (expert) with years of experience in the Venza and Tritower areas. Has a sharp tongue and near inability to pronounce the letter h. Traveled to Tritower with Priestess Anna.1.
  • Larin Cadalis - A good-natured 20 year old human priest, clean cut but with a mop of unruly short blonde hair. He is 5'8" and of strong build. Originally from Tritower, he heard the call of Cortesia while in Venza, and returned to his home town to serve at the newly established shrine there.1. He later appears in the refugee camp outside Tritower assisting Priestess Anna during the events of the Demon's Scream.2.
  • Macabee (family name unknown) - Young, but combat skilled, Macabee is also a member of the White Cloaks, Incudine district. Travels with several adventurers and a dozen White Cloaks, under Commander Jacobson, to end the rat plague upon Venza. He is present when Jacobson reveals her checkered background.3.

Notable WorshipersEdit

  • Charity - Originally a temple guard at the Cathedral of Glass, Charity has become one of the most notable traveling worshipers of Cortesia. She is known to have healing powers and introduces herself as a lay-healer.

Temples, Shrines and Holy SitesEdit

The main temple is the Cathedral of Glass, located in Venza. The church also maintains a small shrine in Tritower in hopes of developing a following there. After followers of Cortesia provided assistance to Tritower, the following there has somewhat grown.

Holy TextsEdit



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