Region Seithr Mountains
Size Small City (base GP 4000)
Demographics Dwarf 95%
Government Corporatocracy
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Copperhead is a small mining town in the Seithr Mountains. It is known for its copper mining and smelting industries, and it is governed by representatives from those corporations, although Morgrimm Renlow currently serves as the headman of the town.

Copperhead has various trade contracts with Irthos, in which the city-state provides defense and military support to the town if and when the need arises. At times, the Irthians have been slow to respond to Copperhead's needs, prompting Renlow to threaten to take their business to the nation of Heth, where copper is in high demand: bronze, unlike steel, doesn't corrode in swampy environments.


Harsk's Inn: An inn and tavern near the center of town. The common room is more or less the focal point of social life for the town's residents, especially its senior citizens. The inn also boasts that its rooms have beds that are soft enough for non-dwarves, and that in addition to hearty dwarven ale, it stocks weak lowland beer that non-dwarven livers will be able to handle.

Notable Citizens:

Morgrimm Renlow: Headman of the the town.

Arsenalt Hume: Mountaineer extraordinaire (retired).

Varga Renlow: Dwarf stevedore. Former resident, now located in Venza.

Phineas Renlow: Dwarf ship's captain. Former resident.

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