Of at least casual interest, changelings aren’t born from changeling parents, because changelings can only be female. They come about as follows: During a human or elven pregnancy, good or bad depending on one’s point of view, the mother is touched by some mystical spark. Some say it is the blessing or curse of a mischievous god. Others believe that evil hags interfere and intervene during the pregnancy, using their dark forces to meddle in human affairs. Perhaps even desperate mothers dabble in the mystics to bless their pregnancy. Most often, the mother begins to carry twins, and one of the twins is a changeling. There are extremely rare cases of being born alone, or as part of triplets. In the rarest of cases, the other twin is a hag. The hags are either destroyed or cast out into the night. The changelings are most often beautiful specimens of newborns, but they are easiest to identify by the striking hues of their usual (but not always) mismatched colored eyes.


Changelings have been a part of at least the eastern continent for a long time. They can appear in any community settled by humans or elves. The only caveat is that many human cultures are even unaware of their existence. The ones that are aware either regards them with fear and distrust, and the others with awe and wonder. They are likewise often cast out of their villages and made to be outsiders, but in the others some are worshiped as beacons of good luck and good fortune. Otherwise, they assume the culture and religion of the community they are born into. Unable to have children of their own due to lack of male changelings, leaves the female changelings to always have an underlying feeling of being forlorn and incomplete. At some point, they get some level of wanderlust, to go off searching. For what it may not be known, and they may never find it. The road constantly beckons them to new places and beyond.


Most easily identified by their hetero-chromatic eye color. They are typically a bit taller and skinnier than the average human, perhaps a bit-elflike too. Changelings are always female, but otherwise retain all characteristics of humans, rather than elves, despite technically being a separate race.


As written in the Advanced Race Guide. The mother’s hag type racial trait can be role-played by any number of reasons (depending on what divine influence or type of meddling hag, geographical location, or what magicks were bestowed on the mother).


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