Region Venzan environs;

Tenebrous Wood; Landadel Baronies

Size Hamlet (200 gp base limit)
Population 60 persons
Demographics Human, Halfling

Capoe is a large hamlet seven leagues south-southeast of Venza in the Tenebrous Wood. It is most easily reached by traveling just past Baron's Cross on the Eastern Trade Road to a narrow, overgrown road that heads southeast into the Tenebrous Wood. Eighteen miles down that track the woods open enough for a small village and narrow strips of extremely fertile farmland.

The residents of Capoe, mostly human and halfling, are considered by most to be backwoods, backwards, and overly superstitious. They are, however, generous and friendly, freely opening their homes to strangers since Capoe is too small to support an inn. Wooden houses cluster close round a small village green and gardens and fields stretch out to the trees though the feel is that the forest crowds the fields and closes in on the town.

A narrow trail south of Capoe leads to Avellino, a village a days walk or longer from Capoe. A trail into the woods to the east leads to the settlement's graveyard.


Notable Citizens:



Rochelle 1 - Prematurely aged, a mother made mad by the transformation of her two children into ghouls.  Though taking part in bringing the necromancer to justice her mind has not fully recovered.  Has long auburn hair and is in a constant state of disarray.

Pate the Younger - One of Capoe's elders, Pate the Younger is ancient. His shrunken, hunched body and bald, age-spotted head makes one wonder how old Pate the Elder must be.

Vinnetto - a farmer.

Old herb woman (Adept 2) - wise, old and matronly with a talent for healing.

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