Region Venzan environs; Landadel Baronies
Size Village (500 gp base limit)
Population 100 persons
Demographics predominantly Human

Boredton is a medium-sized village northwest of Venza. It is reached by traveling three days on the Silver Road to the Boredton crossing and then another half-day westward to the actual village. The people of this dwindling village community live a hard and poor life. Boredton used to be a booming community decades ago, along with two other villages: Cotown and Hillby. Once the nearby tin mines ran out the populations declined until the hundred folks of Boredton were all that remained. Until recently, Boredton’s economy was based on tourists that came for the annual Lady’s Shrine Festival in the Spring.

The Lady of Lake Laguna was thought to be a petty goddess or some sort of nature spirit who brought happiness and health to children and was worshipped as a goddess of Children's Laughter. Tourists and worshippers brought their families to Boredton during the Festival, left a token to the Lady in the form of plants or children's toys at her shrine, and on the final day celebrated by going across the lagoon in front of the shrine via boat to a small island where sat an ancient tree. This last day was finished with dancing and singing around the Lady's Tree. It was believed that the Lady's spirit rested inside the tree, though it is said that no one living had seen proof of her existence. (Read more: Lady of Lake Laguna}

This all changed in 1311. The Lady's tree was burnt and she was killed leaving the village without their patron, their protective spirit.

Locations: The village proper; Lake Laguna; the island and Shrine.

Notable Citizens: Chip - A youth trained to be Keeper of the Shrine. Since the Lady's death he has attempted to keep her rituals alive but with little success.

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