Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race/Species Huldra
Gender Female

NPC usage: Open for GMs

'The danger of my kindness,' indeed! Wouldn't it be a boring sort of world if kindness were always safe?

Beyal is a huldra, a powerful fey creature who claims a stretch of woods a few hours south of Venza, not too far from the Owl and Stag Inn. Beyal is neither malicious nor benevolent, except as it suits her rather changeable moods; she is a fey after all. Similarly, her values and her worldview have little in common with those of any mortal. She flew into a rage at an adventurer who insulted a toad, for example.

Beyal is fond performances of any kind, but most especially of stories of great and valiant conquests. And she has been known to reward the teller of a well-spun tale with great riches...

First Appearance:

  • Toad in the Hole: Meeting the adventurers wishing to cross her woods.1.

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