Argon Galerius
Titles Captain of the Golden Gale
Alignment LN
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization House Boraga

NPC usage: Open to GMs

I propose business, which I do not discuss dockside like a common fishmonger.

Captain Argon Galerius, of the Golden Gale out of Venza, is an older human man with gray hair and clad in a rather restrictive coat that declares him a man of some standing.

As a retainer of Ludmilla Boraga and a man of talent and uncommon skill, Captain Galerius has risen far and enjoys the benefits of his status including fine Semerly wines at the exclusive club the Upper Room. This status is threatened by the rise of Ludmilla Boraga's children (they have never taken to Galerius despite his loyalty to their house, likely because of his rigid nature) and Galerius looks for one last big haul before he retires.

Captain Galerius has a dislike of lizardfolk that is particularly keen when concerning Sekmun Grayscale of Hruthrip.

First Appearance:
Dockside Diversion (3-4) confronting Sekmun as he bargains with a group of adventurers.

Subsequent Appearances:
None yet.

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