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Basic Information

      Race: Human
     Class: Oracle of Heaven
     Level: 01
Experience: 0000 // 1300 XP TNL
 Alignment: Neutral Good
 Languages: Common, Celestial* Elven, 
            Lesser Runic
     Deity: Realta (TN, Elder Star)


STR: 10 /  0  (00 pts)
DEX: 10 /  0  (00 pts)
CON: 14 / +2  (05 pts) 
INT: 10 /  0  (00 pts)
WIS:  8 / -1  (-2 pts)
CHA: 20 / +5  (17 pts) +2 Racial

Combat StatisticsEdit

Max-2         HP:  14 = [1d8  + CON (02) + FC (01) + Tough (03)] (Oracle)
              AC:  16 = [10 + DEX (00) + Armor (06) + Shield (00) + 
                        Natural (00) + Size (00) + Misc (00)]
        AC Touch:  10 = [10 + DEX (00) + Size (00) + Misc (00)]
   AC Flatfooted:  16 = [10 + Armor (06) + Shield (00) + Natural (00) 
                        + Size (00) + Misc (00)]
            INIT: +00 = [DEX (00) + Misc (00)]
             BAB: +00 = [Oracle (00)]
             CMB: +00 = [BAB (00) + STR (00) + Misc (00)]
             CMD:  10 = [10 + BAB (00) + STR (00) + DEX (00) + 
                        Misc (00)]
       Fortitude: +02 = [Oracle (00) + CON (02) + Misc (00)]
          Reflex: +00 = [Oracle (00) + DEX (00) + Misc (00)]
            Will: +01 = [Oracle (02) + WIS (-1) + Misc (00)]
           Speed:  30 ft Base Land Speed // 20 ft Land Speed in Armor
Damage Reduction:  00/Any
Spell Resistance:  00
   Spell Failure:  25% Arcane Spell Failure

Weapon StatisticsEdit

   M.W. Hvy. Mace: Attack: +01 = [BAB (00) + Str (00) + Misc (00) + M.W. (01)]
                   Damage: 1d8, Crit: 20/x2
     Lt. Crossbow: Attack: +00 = [BAB (00) + Dex (00) + Misc (00) + M.W. (00)]
                   Damage: 1d8, Crit: 19-20/x2, Range: 80 feet

Racial FeaturesEdit

 Ability Adjustments: +2 Charisma
                Size: Medium.
               Speed: 30 feet base land speed.
       Favored Class: Oracle. Whenever Anoshta gains a level in Oracle She
                      Can choose to gain +1 Skill Rank, +1 Hit Point or
                      She can choose to add one spell known from the Oracle
                      Spell List, so long as it is at least one level lower
                      than the highest level spell that she can cast.
          Bonus Feat: Humans gain an additional feat at first level.
             Skilled: Humans gain an additional skill point at each level.
           Languages: Humans start speaking Common, Humans with a high 
                      Intelligence Score can add any additional 
                      languages they want.

Class FeaturesEdit


    Armor/Weapons: Proficient in Simple Weapons, Light & Medium Armor & Shields 
                   (except Tower Shields)
    Tongues Curse (Ex): When in stressful situations, this character
    (Celestial)    is unable to speak or understand any language other than 
                   Celestial. At fifth Level she can add an additional Language
                   to the list of Languages she can speak and understand in
                   times of stress. At 10th Level she can understand any 
                   spoken language as if under the effects of a "Tongues"
                   Spell even in battle. At 15th Level she can speak and 
                   understand any language, except when in stressful 
                   situations where her languages spoken are still limited.
    Orisons: The Oracle can cast any number of Orisons in a given day and not
                   have them consume a spell slot. However the Oracle is still
                   limited by the number of Orisons that she knows.
    Add Cure Spells: The Oracle adds all spells with the word "Cure" in the 
                   spells name that is of a level they can cast, to their list
                   of spells known for free.
    Heavens Mystery: The Oracle can add Fly, knowledge (Arcana), Perception, 
                   and Survival to her class skills. Additionally she learns 
                   the following spells at the following levels as bonus 
                   spells known: Color Spray (2nd), Hypnotic Pattern (4th), 
                   Daylight (6th), Rainbow Pattern (8th), Overland Flight 
                   (10th), Chain Lightning (12th), Prismatic Spray (14th), 
                   Sunburst (16th), Meteor Swarm (18th)
    Awesome Display (Su): Each creature affected by this Oracles Illusion 
                   (Pattern) Spells is treated as if it's total number of hit 
                   dice were equal to it's number of hit dice minus this 
                   Oracle's Charisma Modifier.


Toughness (Racial): You gain +3 HP. For every hit dice in excess of 3 you 
                    gain an additional +1 HP.
Spell Focus - Illusion (Lv): You add +1 to the Saving Throw of all 
                    Illusion Spells


  Rich Parents (Social): Start the game with 900 Gold Pieces instead
                         of the standard 150 Gold Pieces.
Magical Lineage (Magic): When you apply metamagic Feats to the Color 
    (Color Spray)        Spray spell, treat it's actual level as 1 lower
                         for determining the spells final adjusted level.


Skill Points: 05 = [Base (04) + INT (00)/Level; FC (00), Racial (01)] (Oracle)

Skills                Total   Rank     CS   Ability  ACP  Misc
Acrobatics              -2     0       -       0     -3   +0
Appraise                +1     0       -       0          +0
Bluff                   +4     0       -       5          +0
Climb                   -2     0       -       0     -3   +0
Craft (Basketweaving)   +4     1       3       0          +0
Diplomacy               +9     1       3       5          +0
Disable Device                 0       -       0     -3   +0
Disguise                +4     0       -       5          +0
Escape Artist           -2     0       -       0     -3   +0
Fly                     -2     0       0       0     -3   +0
Handle Animal                  0       -       5          +0
Heal                    +3     0       0      -1          +0
Intimidate              +4     0       -       5          +0
Knowledge (Arcana)      +4     1       3       0          +0
Knowledge (Dngnrng)            0       -       0          +0
Knowledge (Engnrng)            0       -       0          +0
Knowledge (Geography)          0       -       0          +0
Knowledge (History)            0       0       0          +0
Knowledge (Local)              0       -       0          +0
Knowledge (Nature)             0       -       0          +0
Knowledge (Nobility)    +2     0       -       0          +0
Knowledge (Planes)             0       0       0          +0
Knowledge (Religion)           0       0       0          +0
Linguistics             +2     0       -       0          +0
Perception              +3     1       3      -1          +0
Perform    (       )    +4     0       -       5          +0
Profession (       )           0       0       0          +0
Ride                    -2     0       -       0     -3   +0
Sense Motive            -1     0       0      -1          +0
Sleight of Hand                0       -       0     -3   +0
Spellcraft              +4     1       3       0          +0
Stealth                 -2     0       -       0     -3   +0
Survival                -1     0       0      -1          +0
Swim                    -2     0       -       0     -3   +0
Use Magic Device               0       -       5          +0

Oracle Spells Per Day & Spell DC'sEdit

LEVEL    - SPD      / Known / Save DC
Orisons  - Infinite / 4     / DC - 15
1st      - 4        / 2     / DC - 16
                              Illusion +1 DC

Oracle Spells KnownEdit

0 Level                    Level 01
* Create Water             * Cure Light Wounds
* Light                    * Obscuring Mist
* Guidance                 * Murderous Command
* Detect Magic


Equipment                        Cost     Weight
Explorer's Outfit                         ——  lb
Divine Focus, Silver - Realta     25 gp   01  lb
Sol'tus Signet Ring               05 gp   ——  lb
Jewelry, Hair Decoration          50 gp   01  lb
Jewelry, Pendant on a Gold Chain  50 gp   01  lb
M.W. Breastplate                 350 gp   30  lb

M.W. Heavy Mace (Melee)          312 gp   08  lb
  Weapon Cord                     01 sp   ——  lb
Light Crossbow (Ranged)           35 gp   04  lb
  Bolts (30)                      03 gp   03  lb

Spell Component Pouch             05 gp   02  lb
Bag of Marbles                    01 sp   02  lb

Sack                              01 sp  1/2  lb
  1x Waterskins                   02 gp   04  lb
  2x Trail Rations                01 gp   02  lb
  Sleeping Bag                    02 gp   05  lb
  Signal Whistle                  08 sp   ——  lb
  Stick of Chalk                  01 cp   ——  lb
  2 doses of Rare Perfume         20 gp   ——  lb

                           Total Weight: 63.5 lb

            Light  Medium   Heavy    
Max Weight: 0-33   34-66    67-100


PP: 00
GP: 38
SP: 07
CP: 09



      Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
       Age: 19
    Height: 5 ft 2 in
    Weight: 130 Lb.
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
 Eye Color: Blue in the left eye, Green in the right eye
Skin Color: Tanned
Appearance: Anoshta bears herself like a Noble, however she prefers to wear 
            clothing more befitting of an adventurer. Though despite her
            choice of clothing she still does wear some fancy Jewelry, including
            a simple but effective piece of hair jewelry as well as a pendant
            that is hung on a gold chain. She rarely wears make-up however unless
            required to do so by formality. She is polite and formal, however
            willing to relax in friendlier climates than those of her parents 
  Demeanor: Anoshta is known for her Diplomatic skills. While she may not be the
            most gifted when it comes to strategy or intellectual pursuits, 
            Anoshta is a stellar diplomat. She finds the most opportune paths to
            negotiation and uses them to her advantage at all times. Anoshta often
            prefers talking things out over direct conflict, preferring not to 
            fight unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately if a fight does break
            out, her ability to communicate so as to resolve the fight is all but
            removed from her by a divine curse.


Having been born to a prominent family within Venza, Anoshta had been raised to partake in Venza's upper class of society. However fate conspired against the poor girl. Unbeknownst to her at the time, two factors would weigh heavily against her having the normal posh lifestyle of her parents.

The first was that her family, had always had a gift for the magical arts. In fact they had planned long before she was very old, to send her to one of the premier Magic Schools in the world so that she could learn to be an outstanding spellcaster. She would be a spellcaster, but not in the way her parents had intended.

The second factor was that the day and hour that Anoshta was born, a fateful alignment between the Star Realta and the world of E'n. Strangely enough, only a handful of births occurred during that time. And Anoshta's birth was one of them. Because of this alignment, a special bond was created between Anoshta and those other few who were born at the same time as her and the Star. This bond had the potential to manifest Oracular powers within the chosen few who had the bond. of those born, it is known that Anoshta would develop those Oracular powers as she was often encouraged to study magic, as she was growing up. Of the others little is known as of the moment.

Her powers manifested relatively young, around the age of 8. The first thing her parents noticed was that in times of stress the young girl would begin speaking in a language that was unfamiliar to them. They had doctors come in to look at her, none of them had any clue what she was saying though, that is until one day a Priest came to visit them during a time that Anoshta was struggling with some arcane script and relatively stressed out. The priest spoke with her, and declared that she was speaking in the language of the Gods. This startled her parents, even frightened them somewhat. They offered to have the Priest take her and train her, so the Priest asked Anoshta what she thought of that. Anoshta, still a young girl, looked at her parents, then looked back at the Priest and shrugged she said in Celestial "If Realta wishes it." to which the Priest looked taken aback, the Priest you see had never heard of the star Realta. As such he had no idea how to approach the issue. He asked Anoshta if Realta was a God or a Goddess. Anoshta looked confused, and when the Priest explained what the Gods were, she said "No, Realta is a Star." this confused the Priest even more than asking if Realta was a God had confused Anoshta. In the end the Priest had decided it best if she stay in the care of her parents since he doubted that she would learn anything at the Church.

About a two years later, Anoshta began manifesting the ability to cast basic spells. These spells were different from those of her parents. Yet while similar to the spells of the Priest that had visited her two years earlier, they were also just as different. These were indeed divine spells. However the spells were drawn from a source unknown to Clerics in that they were drawn from the power of the Stars themselves.

By the time Anoshta was 17, she had been trained in basic combat. She had been provided with a stipend from her parents that allowed her to buy custom crafted Armor and weapons. And she had her heirlooms. She managed to have a specially crafted foci for her divine spells created by a craftsman in Venza. She continued to live with her parents for a time but, by the time she was 19, she decided that she could best serve the interests of Realta in the world, by going out into the world instead of hiding away in her parents home. Yes, she had led a sheltered life up until now. Yes she was a bit naive. Yes she had no clue what awaited her out there. But she felt that as long as she had her own guiding star, nothing could go wrong.

Adventure LogEdit

[link=Twist Tree adventure here]

      XP Received: 0000
Treasure Received: 0000 GP
                   0000 Gems/Jewelry

Level UpsEdit

  Level 2:
    Class: Class
      BAB: +0 to +0
     Fort: +0 to +0
      Ref: +0 to +0
     Will: +0 to +0
     Feat: Feat
 Features: Class Features
       HP: Max -2 or Link to IC Roll, +1 FC Bonus (If Chosen)
Skill Pts: +0 = +0 (Class) +0 (Race) +00 (Old Total) +1 (FC Bonus if Chosen) 
           = 00 (New Total)
Level 2 to Level 3 Next, and so on . . .


  • Approval (Date) (Judge 01) level 1
  • Approval (Date) (Judge 02) level 1

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