Alvise Biaggio
Race/Species Half-Elf
Class Expert 3
Gender Male
Organization Dunn Wright Inn

NPC usage: Open to GMs

You probably found the ... ah-hah, what am I talking about? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Look at me, prattling on about nothing!

Grizzled and frequently drunk, Alvise hunts the bogs for ingredients that Zitteaux needs for his culinary masterpieces. Drinking, however, impairs Alvise's hunting skills and Zitteaux is often forced to hire outside hunters to collect his supplies. Despite this, Alvise is very knowledgeable about the marshes south of Venza and the Iparoc Mounds.

First appearance: The Dunn Wright Inn.

Subsequent appearances: Having lost a shipment to pugwampis in Tood in the Hole. Captured by troglodytes in Tower of Power.

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