Race/Species Nereid
Gender Female
Homeland The Border Realms

NPC usage: Open to GMs

Always business with you ... Never any fun. It's sad, really. I can be ever so entertaining.

Allebasi is a powerful fey (a nereid) currently guarding a secret transportation gate. The gate is buried in the river floor of a tributary of the Orino, roughly two weeks south of Venza. The tributary runs through a thick forest, its mouth blocked by a collection of fallen trees which Allebasi can move into and out of the way by means of her inherent powers.

It is unknown how Allebasi came to her current position, or what her specific interest is in the gate. At some point, she befriended the dwarven barge captain Phineas Renlow, whom she finds fascinating for his immunity to her supernaturally seductive aura. Due to their friendship, Allebasi has allowed Renlow to make use of the gate to transport his barge across the long distance from the Orino tributary to the mighty Ouhm much further to the South.

Allebasi is coy and flirtatious, but even her friend Renlow warns others that she can be deadly.

First appearance: Distant Relations

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