Alfred is a lvl 1 alchemist with ranks in craft (alchemy) & profession (merchant) and bright red hair, which has been passed on to his children. Owner of the Fire and Water Alchemical Shop (a two story building with a courtyard and stable) on one of the major corners of the Arcane Row in Venza, where he lives upstairs with his family.

First appears in "A Merchant in Need of Assistance," where he takes a fellow gnomish alchemist, Roodar Murnig Turen, to the DWI after Turen, who was traveling from (name of city on the Chasm) to Venza to meet with Alfred to secure a business contract. Turen's guards turned on him shortly before arriving in Venza, leaving him with nothing but his clothes; after finally gettng to Venza, Alfred helped get Turen to the DWI, and later, calmed down enough to fully tell the full story in the comfort of his home. After the wagon was successfully restored to Turen, and the business deal completed, Alfred and his store has appeared in "Expansion" and is mentioned in "Mopping Up." Not only has Alfred sought trade with the Chasm, but he has wholeheartedly signed on to aid in the rebirth of the Silver Road, aiding the Savi brothers however he can since he still feels partially responsible for the death of the younger brother who died in the attempt to secure Turen's wagon.

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