Alfonse Cato
Race/Species Human
Class Investigator (Mastermind)
Gender Male
Homeland Venza
Organization Western Sea Syndicate

NPC usage: Open to GMs

I have already set certain contingency plans in motion. In a few weeks, Gandling and several of the ports farther to the west will apply to become protectorates of Venza. This proposal will be accepted; the necessary votes have already been arranged in the House of Lords.

Alfonse Cato is one of the two bosses of Gandling, and is the head of the Western Sea Syndicate. Along with Reginald King, he was once a consigliere in the now-defunct La Famiglia, reporting to Don Armando Faizal. When the Don disappeared under mysterious circumstances, King and Cato blamed each other and immediately went to war. While it eventually came to light that neither Cato nor King had murdered the Don, there is no love lost between the men.

In light of recent events, Cato has come to believe that it now time for the Syndicate to make a transition to a legitimate business organization. Well, mostly legitimate, at least. He has had Gandling apply to become a protectorate of Venza, and is in the process of getting a corporate charter for the Syndicate and a noble title for himself.

Cato is cold, calculating, and ruthless, but he is never cruel for the sake of being cruel.

It is far from common knowledge, but Cato is a bastard son of House Boraga, being a half-brother to Ludmilla Boraga. Neither Cato nor the Boragas wish this fact to become common knowledge, and should someone threaten blackmail, they will react ... poorly.

First Appearance: Congratulating the PCs for a job well done in Evil Unto Evil.

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