The Advanced Race Guide (ARG) book has a vast amount of information. We are slowly adding races individually after reviewing them for not only balance, but also a compelling ecology that fits within our En world setting. Individual pieces of racial abilities, traits, feats or archetypes are being banned when we foresee a problem. The judges reserve the right to later push additional pieces onto the excluded list if they are shown to present a disruptive problem in play.

The following races from the ARG are approved for play in Living Pathfinder. Line edit exclusions are marked in red.

  • Core Races
    • Dwarves
    • Elves
    • Gnomes
      • Modified: The 'Obsessive' racial trait gives a +2 racial bonus on one of the following skills: Appraise, Bluff, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Linguistics, Profession, Spellcraft or Use Magic Device.
      • Obsession Log (Gnome Equipment) ~ crafting based The Codex of Sapo is a sufficient replacement of this ability.
      • Modified: Knack for Poison: Some gnomes have an instinctive understanding of poisons and their uses. Gnomes gain a +2 racial bonus on Fortitude saves against poison. The bonus on Fortitude saving throws against poisons increases to +4 if the gnome accidentally poisons himself when applying or readying the substance. This racial trait replaces illusion resistance and obsessive.
    • Half-elves
      • Wild Caller (Half-Elf Archetype) (still discussing a modified version)
    • Half-orcs
      • Blood God Disciple (Half-orc Archetype)
      • Half-Blood Extraction (Half-orc spell) ~ permanent race changer
    • Halflings
    • Humans
  • Featured Races
    • Aasimars
      • (do not gain any Outsider proficiencies)
    • Tengus
    • Tieflings
      • Fiendish Vessel (Tiefling Archetype) ~ too evil
      • (do not gain any Outsider proficiencies)

To paraphrase the rules on page 9 of the Advanced Race Guide, racial spells, magic items and equipment of the approved races are available for use by other races. Feats with a racial prerequisite cannot be taken by someone outside that race.

GMs get to use banned racial features for the bad guys in the same way as if they were using the race from one of the bestiaries.

SPECIAL: Merfolk have now been removed as a new character choice. Merfolk already in play are allowed to continue in play. Discussion and Vote

The following selections from the Advanced Race Guide are explicitly excluded from play in Living Pathfinder.
  • Chapter 4: Race Builder

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