Aliases Maschera, The Green Faerie
Titles Deadly Opera Singer
Race/Species Elf
Gender Female
Homeland Unknown
Companion(s) Kazzag

I am quite afraid that someone of your poor, pathetic stature could never possibly prove to have value to the mysterious beauty that is Maschera. You would do best to forget her. But don't say that Abzienta never had a talent for matchmaking, that she knows nothing of love. Kazzag, here, she would love to get to know someone like yourself. I should leave you two to get acquainted. I have a performance to put on.

Abzienta is nearly more of a legend than a known person. She was originally active in the Opera di Venza over a century ago, where she gained a reputation as the Green Faerie, a breathtakingly beautiful opera singer who had a long string of noble paramours wishing for her attention. However, she would sweep in, drive nobles to such distraction that they would give her everything they owned, and then, she would kill and dispose of them for the next person. Although the normal sentence for the murder of a noble--much less multiple nobles--is death, during the trial, she was able to charm the judge to the extent that he could not bear to see her executed, and sentenced her to 500 years in the Tower of Chains instead. Until recently, she had become a bogeyman of the Opera--a testament to the power of seduction, and a cautionary tale to the romantically inclined.

Yet, somehow, she has apparently escaped. She returned to the theater in the guise of Maschera, a raven-haired human beauty (her picture is shown). She had successfully stripped Carnemorto Gabbiano of his wealth and killed him, and had begun trying to seduce Umberto Gabbiano when a band of adventurers in Umberto's employ had discovered her ruse and forced her to flee.

Abzienta makes heavy use of illusions and enchantments, leaving conflicting reports as to her true appearance. However, when appearing most recently as an elf, she has had long, silky blond hair, pale skin, full lips the shade of magenta, piercing green eyes, and strong, prominent cheekbones. Of special note is her voice--a haunting, lithe sound like the birds on a spring breeze.

Abzienta had taken residence in an abandoned temple to Cortesia, which had been rededicated to the Orcish goddess Skith. A priestess of Skith, Kazzag, and her followers, attended to Abzienta while she preyed on the nobles of Venza this most recent time.

Abzienta's whereabouts are unknown. Furthermore, there is no telling who she might return as.

First appearance: the Green Faerie; both pursued and protected by the PCs.

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